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This Girl's Natural Anti-Acne Skincare Routine Is Pretty Amazing

The before and after pictures are INSANE!
PHOTO: Instagram/briannagabrielaa

Anything to do with banishing acne will always get our attention, so when we saw Brianna Lopez's before and after post about her battle with the skin condition, we were floored! The model revealed on her Insta the exact products she used to have clear skin—and they're all natural.

Read on to know more about her routine and locally available substitute products you can use. (Ed's note: While the results are astonishing, it's important to remember that this particular regimen may not work for everyone. It really depends on your skin type and lifestyle.) 

  1. Brianna removes her makeup with jojoba oil and wipes it off with a warm cloth.
  2. She makes a mask out of turmeric, cinnamon, and organic raw honey as an extra treat for her complexion. According to her, she adds this to her nighttime skincare routine on the days she wears makeup. Those three anti-inflammatory ingredients help soothe existing pimples AND fight bacteria from spreading!

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    Milea Raw Honey, P115/345g,

  3. Apart from her DIY honey concoction, Brianna also loves using sulfur + bentonite clay mask to suck up oil and heal acne.

    Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask, P525, Healthy Options

  4. She uses rosehip + carrot serum and lavender oil as a moisturizer. ICYDK, rosehip oil has great skin-healing properties—aka, curing existing pimples and making acne marks disappear!

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    Human Nature Pure Rosehip Oil, P750, Beauty Bar

  5. Brianna spot-treats her pimples with raw shea butter, an ingredient that can also—you guessed it—speed up the zit's healing process.

    Raw, Unrefined shea butter, P189,

  6. Of course, sun protection is key as with any skincare regimen! Brianna opts for an organic sunscreen.
  7. Brianna also showed the herb supplements she takes on the reg. (Ed's note: Consult an expert first—never self-medicate!) She also said that she's on a pescatarian (no-meat, except fish) diet. 
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Here's her full post:

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