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Neri Miranda Reveals The Secret To Her ~*Flawless*~ Kilikili

neri miranda underarms
PHOTO: Instagram/mrsnerimiranda

It's been a few months since Neri Naig-Miranda welcomed her second child with her husband Chito Miranda. On social media, the mompreneur has been sharing snippets of her life as a new mom again. But in a recent post, aside from Baby Cash's cuteness, most were drawn by Neri's flawless kilikili. So, many asked, 'what's her secret?'

Last January 10, 2022, the former actress-turned-entrepreneur posted a photo of her and her 4-month-old Baby Cash sleeping in matching sleeping positions—with their arms raised overhead. Neri instantly became a #kilikiligoals for many moms in the comment section.

"Sana all maputi ang kilikili kahit kakapanganak pa lang," one comment read.

Another said, "Grabe sana ganyan kilikili after ko manganak.. hahaa grabe ang puti.."

Dark underarms during pregnancy

There are various causes that can result in dark underarms. It can be because of the products you use, accumulation of dead skin cells, shaving or waxing, or even your fashion choices. Wearing clothes that are tight around the underarm area can cause friction.


For pregnant women, it is caused by hormonal changes. Increased melanocyte, estrogen, and progesterone causes pronounced darkness in some skin regions like the neck, nipples, and armpits. Because of this, around 90% of women may find darker coloration in underarms and other skin folds during pregnancy. For most women, their skin color will eventually go back to normal after giving birth.

Neri's secret to flawless underarms

So, how does one maintain an underarm you can flaunt on your IG feed? In a recent promotion for Moose Gear's baby tape diapers, Neri spilled the secret to achieving her flawless kilikili.

"Filter!," she quipped at first. "Kidding aside, I always put virgin coco oil sa buong skin ko, even on my hair. And I use the kilikili care set by Skin Magical."

Now, we know! VCO may be a good addition to your kilikili care routine.

Benefits of coconut oil to hair and skin

Coconut oil is among the frontrunners when it comes to beauty talk. Given its high fatty acid content, coconut oil  "have antimicrobial properties that can help protect against harmful microorganisms," according to Healthline. Plus, it's also rich in Vitamin E.

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This makes coconut oil a good moisturizer to nourish the skin. Many also use coconut oil to make it softer and shinier. There are also known benefits of coconut oil to oral health because of its natural antibacterial properties.

Virgin coconut oil, or coconut oil in its purest form (not processed), is most recommended for health and beauty use since it's made from the fresh milk of coconut and does not undergo a chemical process. (Read more about the benefits of virgin cocnut oil here)

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