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Nighttime Skincare Hacks To Wake Up With Great Skin

Here's your nighttime skincare routine checklist!
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A good nighttime beauty routine is a major key in achieving great skin. Make sure you're on the right end of the spectrum by following this checklist:

1. Remove all of your makeup.

And when we say all of it, we mean all of it. We know you're tired after working—or partying—hard, but do your best to get rid of every bit of makeup on your face. Sleeping with makeup will irritate your skin and lead to nasty breakouts. For your hard-to-remove eye makeup, we recommend Simple Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover. It's potent enough to melt away waterproof makeup, but gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive area of your face.

2. Cleanse.

A good alternative to traditional—and most of the time drying—facial washes is micellar water. Cult favorite Simple Micellar Water can get rid of all dirt and makeup easily, while leaving the skin soft and moisturized. The best part? No need to wash your face after using it. Truly a tamad girl's dream come true!

3. Apply toner.

Toners don't get enough love, but they're actually one of the secrets to beautiful skin. They pick up excess dirt that your cleanser wasn't able to get rid of, and normalize your skin's pH balance after washing.

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

This is important, especially if you spend most of your days in air-conditioned rooms. Combat the dryness caused by low humidity by moisturizing your skin before bed. If you're not a fan of thick and heavy creams, we suggest to go for Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser. True to its name, it feels light and wonderful on the skin, and it suits all skin types.

5. Don't forget your peepers!

The area around your eyes is more sensitive than the rest of your face. Keep those fine lines and dark circles at bay by gently massaging it with some eye cream before hitting the sack. Fact: Did you know that your eye area can make you look up to 40% older than you actually are?!

6. Invest in a facial serum.

Serums contain the highest concentration of active ingredients, giving you instant and visible results. Know what your skin needs and invest in a good serum to achieve all of your skin goals.

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