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Pampering Gifts For Every Horoscope Sign

It's all written in the stars.
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The worst part of Christmas shopping is probably the mad holiday rush. Elbowing your way through crowds of equally stressed shoppers is never a fun ordeal. And you're definitely not the only one who feels this way. We all get exhausted thinking about braving the malls to shop for gifts that might just end up being recycled next year (ouch).

This year, make your trip to the mall worth it by spoiling your loved ones with these beauty gift sets from Watsons. Better yet, make your shopping experience more fun by buying your presents based on your loved one's horoscopes for a personalized pampering treat. Check out our picks:

This Enchanted Ruby set fits their fiery personality. The body scrub will make their skin glow like a jewel!

BodyXpert Enchanted Ruby Travel Set, P149, Watsons

Passionate and outgoing, Leos like to shine bright wherever they are. Keep them pumped up with the Radiant Wonder set.

BodyXpert Radiant Wonder Set, P149, Watsons

Sagittarians are natural wanderers, and they take every opportunity to explore. This Atlantic Cruise gift set—which contains a shower gel, hand soap, body lotion, and body scrub—should easily fit in her carry-on.

BodyXpert Atlantic Cruise Travel Set, P149, Watsons

Cancer girls are very deep and introspective, and they naturally gravitate to relaxing violet hues. This bath set should be a great pick for them.

French Lavender & Honey Bath Set, P99, Watsons

Scorpios are generally sweet, but if you're not careful, they can sting you with their sharp words. This Sassy Life gift set, which comes with a cute pair of long socks, will match their wit.

BodyXpert Sassy Life Gift Set, P199, Watsons

This Mermaid Brush is perfect for the zodiac's water baby. Applying your makeup is just more fun when you can pretend to be a mermaid princess!

Simple Joy Mermaid Powder Brush, P149, Watsons

The Taurus girl is known to be hardworking and patient. Treat her to some well deserved me-time with this Pink Chamomile set!

Skin Favorites Pink Chamomile Body Set, P149, Watsons

Virgos are very detail-oriented and calm. That doesn't mean they don't get stressed, though! This Cherry Blossom gift set will help them relax, and the dainty leather pouch it comes with should make their inner neat freak very glad.

BodyXpert Cherry Blossom Set With Pouch, P299, Watsons

Capricorns tends to keep to themselves, but with a little coaxing, you'll have no problem getting them out of their shells. Get them this Skin Delights Hand Cream Trio so they'll have impossibly soft hands ready for shaking (and holding!).

Skin Delights Strawberry Hand Cream Trio, P149, Watsons

Geminis socialize very well but remain mellow and balanced. This Relaxing Lavender Hair Pony set can help them keep their cool even after intense socializing.

BodyXpert Relaxing Lavender Set, P149, Watsons

Help your favorite Libran restore some balance in her life with this Forever Spring House Window gift set. The shower gel and body lotion should keep her calm.

BodyXpert Forever Spring Body Set, P99, Watsons

Aquarians are very deep thinkers and helpful. This Secret Garden Beauty Set is exactly what she'll need to unwind.

Simple Joy Secret Garden Beauty Set, P149, Watsons

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