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People Are Flipping Out About The Alleged Side Effects Of This Lip Balm

The company now faces legal complaints.

The company behind EOS—or Evolution Of Smooth—lip balms faces a class action lawsuit after a complaint was filed against them on January 12, saying that their products cause severe skin reactions to customers.  

CNN reports that the plaintiff, Rachael Cronin, stated that her lips felt like “sandpaper” a few hours after applying the cult-favorite lip balm. To fix the problem, she added more layers of the product, particularly the Summer Fruit flavor, only to end up with cracking, flaking, and bleeding lips. To make things worse, she woke up next day to find blisters and rashes on and around her mouth area, which lasted for 10 days.

The lawsuit demands for damages, arguing that the company take responsibility for the potential health issues the products could cause.


The company took to their Facebook page and assured customers that their products are of the highest standards. But a lot of customers commented that they suffered the same allergic reactions.


Allure conducted their own investigation, seeking the help of both a cosmetic chemist and a dermatologist. The cosmetic chemist says that while he didn’t find anything dubious about the ingredients of the product, he spotted Stevia, a natural sweetener which can lead to scaly and itchy rashes. He says that citrus oils, when exposed to the sun, can also result in a similar reaction to the skin, so it might be the “natural flavor” on the ingredients list.

The dermatologist, on the other hand, said that propolis, which is found in beeswax, could have triggered the reaction.

Let this incident be a lesson to all of us to always conduct an allergy test whenever we try out new products. Because no matter how well-loved or hyped-up a product is, if it’s not meant to work with your skin, it ain't worth it.

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