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20 Inspiring And Uplifting Quote Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Ink

These tattoos will bring out the *best* in you.
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PHOTO: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/matt.vesta, Instagram/mayoanj

Word tattoos are simply beautiful. They can serve as *daily* reminders of inspiration or sentiment, especially when placed on visible areas like your wrist or your arm. Previously, we've given you a bunch of one-word tattoo ideas. This time, we're focusing on quote tattoos! 

Instead of symbols, you can have your favorite saying inked to your skin. There are many tattoo placements you can choose from, depending on the length of your chosen quote. Longer ones can be placed on your back or shoulder. Meanwhile, the forearm is perfect for shorter statements.

FYI, tattoos can fade over time. That said, make sure that your ink isn't *too* small. Otherwise, it might end up looking like a blob of ink, especially if the tattoo isn't taken care of (Hot tip: Always apply sunscreen to your body art to keep it from fading.) 

Looking for designs you can try? Don't worrywe gotchu! Below, we list down 20 of the best quote tattoos we spotted on Instagram: 

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20 Inspiring And Uplifting Quote Tattoos 

  1. "Why not" 

    Be your own cheerleader.

  2. "Focus on the good" 

    Here's something you need to remember when things aren't going your way. 

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  3. "The days that make us happy make us wise" 

    Aside from your back and your shoulder, a long quote can be tattooed vertically along your arm, too!

  4. "It is what it is" and "That's it" 

    Nadine Lustre has these words inked on her legs. According to the actress, the "it is what it is" tattoo is all about accepting the things you can't control. "Bad things happen, it is what it is. It's something to remind me na okay lang 'yan," she shared in an interview with dermatologist Dr. Aivee Teo.

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  5. "Life is worth living" 

    Remind yourself to live life each day with this forearm tattoo!

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  6. "Everything is possible" 

    The underboob is a great spot for a quote tattoo that you want to selectively show off. Fair warning, though: Getting a tatt on this part of the body tends to hurt because there isn't much fat to cushion the skinbut the result will be ~worth it~.

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  7. "Handle with care"

    Here's a gentle reminder for your loverand yourself. 

  8. "You are enough" 

    Never let anyone make you feel otherwise. 

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  9. "Remember why you started"

    If you're looking for a non-boring placement for your quote tattoo, why not have it inked vertically along the side of your hips? It's one of the sexiest places you can get a tattooit'll beautifully highlight your curves!

  10. "Follow your heart"

    We love how this meaningful tattoo is inked close to where the heart is. Being a bony area, the ribcage is known for being one of the most painful spots to get tattooed on. However, it does make for a badass tattoo!

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  11. "Be afraid and do it anyway"

    A word tattoo that runs down the spine is simply sexy. Check out Maggie Wilson's stunning ink on her back: 

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  12. "Keep going" 

    The side of the wrist is perfect for short but powerful phrases like this one.

  13. "Enjoy life" 

    Beach babes will love this cool ink on the bikini line!

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  14. "Live a life you will remember" 

    We're obsessed with this elegant script. 

  15. "Perfectly imperfect" 

    A thigh tattoo can be your own little secret. 

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  16. "To know her is to love her"

    When getting a word tattoo, you can go for your favorite song lyric, too!

  17. "Let it be" 

    An ankle tattoo can easily be hiddenand shown. ;) 

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  18. "No regrets" 

    So tiny and subtle! 

  19. "I belong deeply to myself" 

    Your back has plenty of room for longer quotes. 

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  20. "This too shall pass"

    ICYDK, the thigh is one of the least painful spots to get a tattoo. According to the Healthline, the "upper outer thigh" is particularly "well padded with fat and has few nerve endings." You can expect low to low-moderate pain when getting inked on this area. But of course, pain is subjectiveit will vary for every person, depending on one's pain tolerance and the ink design!  

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