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Pinays With Eczema Share How They Deal With Their Skin Condition

Eczema often takes a toll on one's self-confidence.
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Anyone with eczema knows first-hand how uncomfortable and emotionally tiring it can be to deal with the skin condition. Eczema is characterized by dry, cracked or inflamed skin, or red, itchy blisters that can pop up all over the body. In adults, eczema usually appears on the nape, behind the knees, in the creases of the elbows, all over the back, and on the hands and feet. While it’s not a life-threatening disease or a debilitating condition, eczema can be very painful and frustrating, and can greatly affect a person’s self-confidence and quality of life. 

Cessie Catiil, a 26-year-old nurse who has psoriasis (a skin condition similar to eczema), experienced an emotional upheaval before, when “some schoolmates would stare and ask.” She explains, “It made me [feel] self-conscious. I became distant from everyone. I cried every night to my parents and wished for my life to end. It was most depressing.”

Andrea Tatad, a 28-year-old financial consultant, struggled with eczema as a child. She remembers how the severity of her breakouts hindered her from doing a lot of activities, like going to the beach or joining the volleyball team.

For digital marketing supervisor Rosemarie Pendon-Garcia, 28, eczema even prevented her from performing even simple daily tasks like holding a pen and writing, or washing the dishes.

But what’s most frustrating for those who suffer from eczema is the uncertainty that surrounds the condition. There are a host of factors (stress, eating the wrong food, coming into contact with an irritating substance) that can trigger flare-ups, most of which typically come and go sporadically, except in severe, persistent cases where the symptoms stick around. Moreover, the medical field has not yet found a way to cure the skin disease, which is a dismal and disheartening fact for those afflicted with eczema. 

Rosemarie’s condition was only properly diagnosed 17 years after the first breakout. In 2001, she was prescribed a host of medicinal treatments, including sulfur cream and steroids, for a condition that nobody could really pin down. One of her doctors even suggested skin grafting (a surgical procedure that involves removing the skin in one area of the body and moving it to another).

Now, there are new products that can help treat eczema flare-ups. As these women have discovered, Dove has come up with Dove DermaSeries, a new range of products that aim to provide relief and comfort for those who suffer from inflamed, extremely dry skin and severe itching.

Dove DermaSeries includes a balm for soothing cracked skin, a face and body skin cleanser that helps remove impurities in a gentle way, and lotions to help relieve itchiness. 

Alleviating eczema on a daily basis is a combination of careful cleansing and conscientious moisturizing. Cessie—who used the Dove DermaSeries Gentle Skin Cleanser on her whole body and face, and a combination of Dove DermaSeries Replenishing Body Lotion and Dove DermaSeries Itch Relief Soothing Body Lotion on her back—saw promising results within five days. “For the red spots and scaly parts, I put a generous amount of Dove Repairing Balm. It’s my favorite, because I think it’s the most effective among all the products. After using all these products, the red, dry, and scaly parts on my back are almost not noticeable anymore.”

Cessie shares: “After the experience, I became more and more confident about my skin and myself as a whole. It made me realize that I will really never be given anything I can’t overcome.”

Comfort was also immediate for Andrea, whose eczema looked less inflamed and scaly after using the gentle cleanser, the balm, and the body lotion within five days. “Now that there’s Dove DermaSeries, I’m pretty confident that my eczema will improve. So happy they are non-steroidal and very mild and gentle on the skin.”

“I tried to ignore [my eczema before], but with all the external factors, it’s hard to live a normal life [with eczema],” says Rosemarie. “I don't really believe in products for eczema, but Dove is one of the brands I trust. I’ve been a Dove user since my childhood years, and I don’t have any second thoughts on what Dove can do for my skin. It gives me some peace of mind knowing that I can constantly take care of my skin with my trusted brand.”

For these women, the Dove DermaSeries did more than help provide relief from dry, inflamed, and itchy skin. It has given them a sense of peace and happiness, and has reinstated a sense of confidence.

Learn more about the Dove DermaSeries products on and purchase them on Lazada.

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