20 Pisces Tattoo Ideas That Are Perfect For Your Sensitive Soul

Take a break from your romantic daydreams to scroll through these picks.
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Ahh, Pisces, my ~favorite~ water sign. It’s hard to describe you in just a few words, but I’m going to try: You’re a dreamer, an artist, and an empathetic and sensitive soul who is often very misunderstood. But don’t worry, I get you. I also get that you’re not the best decision-maker, so when you decide to get a tattoo (because I know you will), it can be hard for you to make a choice when there are a billion and one options. Don’t worry, though, that’s why I already did the hard work for you. I scrolled through Insta to find the 20 best Pisces tattoos out there. You’re going to love them, I swear.

  1. This Fish and Constellation Pisces Tattoo

    Pair a couple of fish with a barely-there constellation to complete this simple Pisces tattoo.

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  2. This Hand-Poked Pisces Tattoo

    Going for a hand-poked tattoo instead of one done by a regular ol’ mechanical gun can add another cool factor to your Pisces tattoo.

  3. This Fine-Line Pisces Tattoo

    How stunning is that tat?? The fine-line detailing gives it an otherworldly, romantic vibe that’s perfect for a Pisces.

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  4. This Inner-Arm Pisces Tattoo

    Rock your Pisces symbol tattoo on your inner arm—it’s the perfect placement to show it off to the world.

  5. This Behind-the-Ear Pisces Tattoo

    Or if you want to keep your tattoo a little more private, this behind-the-ear smol Pisces tattoo is sooo cute.

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  6. This Floral Pisces Tattoo

    Intertwining a flower design with your Pisces symbol is the perfect idea for a tattoo that’s just as dreamy as you are.

  7. This Delicate Fish Pisces Tattoo

    I can’t stop staring at the delicate detailing in this Pisces tattoo—it strikes a perfect balance.

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  8. This Cursive Pisces Tattoo

    Write out your sign’s name in cursive, like in this Pisces tattoo. It’s a super-cute way to show some love for your zodiac sign.

  9. This Floral Constellation Pisces Tattoo

    This is a super-unique idea. Instead of just getting a Pisces tattoo of your constellation, get a floral version of your constellation to level it up.

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  10. This Heart Pisces Tattoo

    Not only is this delicate heart tattoo an example of minimalism done right, but it’s also a symbol of love. And who’s more lovey-dovey than a Pisces?

  11. This Back Pisces Tattoo

    The shading in this fine-line Pisces tattoo is unreal. You can technically get it anywhere, but your back is the perfect canvas for this work of art.

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  12. This Colorful Fish Pisces Tattoo

    Get colorful and creative by filling in your fish Pisces tattoos with two different colored shades.

  13. This Wrist Pisces Tattoo

    A simple, minimalist Pisces tattoo is perfect for your wrist. Like, isn't this bb tattoo so cute?

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  14. This Floral Constellation Pisces Tattoo

    Precious, creative, and romantic—all words that could be used to describe a Pisces or this floral constellation tattoo.

  15. This Constellation and Moon Pisces Tattoo

    Your constellation plus a simple, shaded moon—name a more iconic duo for a Pisces tattoo.

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  16. This Birth Date Pisces Tattoo

    I guess no one has an excuse not to remember your birthday, or that you're a Pisces if you literally have it tattooed on your body.

  17. This Simple Fish Pisces Tattoo

    Not into an over the top fish design? All good—this is a cute alternative for your Pisces tattoo.

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  18. This Ankle Pisces Tattoo

    This Pisces ankle tattoo is in an easy-to-hide spot, while also being really, really pretty.

  19. This Shoulder Pisces Tattoo

    Shoulder tattoos are perf for anyone who prefers a more simple, dainty tattoo, like this constellation seen here.

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  20. This Watercolor Pisces Tattoo

    This watercolor Pisces tattoo is insanely gorgeous and totally worth having on your body forever.


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