Try This Post-Workout Skincare Routine To Avoid Getting Pimples

Your skin naturally detoxifies when it sweats. Why not help it along?
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After you give your body the physical activity it craves, you should not forget to give your skin a bit of loving, too. When you sweat, your pores are open to allow your skin to detoxify itself, but unless you keep it clean, this purge can invite in even more dirt and cause breakouts. So, if you want that healthy-body-clear-face combo, here are a few skincare tips to do post-workout:

Wash your hands before touching your face.

You may have touched gym equipment or did push ups on a not-so-sanitary mat. Whatever workout you did, it's important to make sure that your palms and fingers are clean. If you have the chance to take a shower, start with your hands and/or the rest of your body before touching your cheeks.

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Use a facial cleanser that works hard without drying your skin out.

Personally we prefer to workout bare-faced to avoid makeup clogging the pores. But if you end up exercising with makeup on, you must give extra TLC to your face after a sweat sesh.

When you work out, pores are open so your skin will seem slightly oilier even after you wipe your sweat off. To make sure that no dirt will seep in, go for some warm water and a gentle but deep-cleansing facial wash to help with your skin's natural detoxing process. Close your pores with cool water after.

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Think about it: You've been sweating a lot, which means you and your skin need hydration. Moisturizers work best when applied on clean, damp skin, so don't skip on the good stuff! If you don't want products that give a sticky after-feel, try those that are light and fast-absorbing.

Contrary to popular belief, applying moisturizer (as long as it's the right kind) does not increase your skin's chances of breaking out. In fact, your face tends to get more pimples when your face is dry, as the lack of hydration can cause your body to produce more oil than it should, which may clog your pores and eventually lead to irritation.

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Wear sunscreen.

We can never stress how important this step is, and we have enumerated many times the virtues of applying sunscreen on your face before heading out. If you hate the sticky feeling, there are many grease-free options out in the market which you can easily layer over your moisturizer.

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