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Raiza Contawi Gives The 101 On Nose And Lip Fillers From Korea

PHOTO: Youtube/Raiza Contawi

We've always been intrigued with anything beauty-related in South Korea. Their country is known not just for amazing skincare products, but also for procedures that ~really~ change one's look—a more V-line face shape, doll-like eyes, higher cheekbones. Basically, anything that will make you appear younger and K-drama-worthy. (Ed's note: Here at Cosmo, we're all about loving what you're naturally born with, but we aren't against methods to enhance one's features. Your life, your rules, okay?)

If you're curious like us, let YouTube Content Creator Raiza Contawi take you through ~*everything*~ that happens when you choose to have a non-surgical nose lift and lip filler procedure in South Korea. She was so candid about it, and her video was incredibly informative, especially for clueless peeps like us. Here are our key takeaways:

  1. You can book a service that acts as a middleman for you. 

    Raiza used the services of Jivaka Beauty. They have a website with a database of clinics and treatments. You just have to fill out a consultation form, and they will book the procedure for you. You'll receive a cost estimate as well. The best part: You can back out without extra charge if you change your mind.

    Once you arrive in South Korea, they act as your tour guide, but for beauty procedures. They speak in English, which is important because you don't want anything to be lost in translation when it comes to things that will dramatically change your appearance!

  2. Dermal fillers are nothing to be afraid of.

    Raiza explained that hyaluronic acid (HA) was injected into her face to create a plumper and more lifted appearance. HA is FDA-approved, so it's pretty safe to use!

  3. Everything is done by a licensed doctor.

    In South Korea, it's illegal for non-licensed practitioners to do non-surgical and surgical procedures on you. You're guaranteed to be in the hands of an expert.

  4. Fillers and Botox procedures are relatively cheaper in South Korea than in Manila.

    According to Raiza, here in Manila, you have to shell out at least P20,000 for injectables. In South Korea, you will only shell out at least P6,000. But of course, you have to consider your travel expenses in the equation.

    Here's a rundown of procedures Raiza availed of:

    Premium Barbie Nose filler treatment (Nose bridge + nose tip + thread lifting (for nose bridge) + Korean fillers + nostril (sides of nose) botox) - W600,000 (P27,8165)

    Lip Fillers (2 cc, Imported fillers) - W130,000/cc (P6,026.92)

    Chin Fillers (2 cc, Korean fillers) - W150,000/cc (P6,954.14)

    PS Shot (Fat Melting) - W198,000 (P9,179.46)

    Botox - W55,000 (P2,549.85)

    Forehead Botox (to treat deep forehead frown lines) + Dermatoxin (for a taut, tighter look of the skin) - W150,000 (P6,954.14)

  5. It's best to schedule your procedure at the beginning of your trip.

    This way, you can still go back to your clinic for touch-ups. It's better that you're still in Korea if you find the results unsatisfactory.

Watch her whole experience here!


Thank you for being so honest about this, Raiza! It was a truly informative video, and we can't wait for your update vlog!

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