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This Pinay Gets Real About What It's Like To Get A Nose Job

rhinoplasty surgery experience
PHOTO: Courtesy of Chase

Rhinoplasty, more popularly known as a nose job, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries out there. The process usually involves making cuts within the nostrils or across the base of the nose and reshaping the inner bone and cartilage to create facial balance.

This surgery is usually done for two reasons: Cosmetic (to change the appearance or shape of your nose according to your preference) and medical (to fix breathing problems related to the nose or correct disfigurement caused by birth defects or accidents).

If you're interested in getting this procedure done, it's important to be as informed as possible since it can also have some potential risks and side effects. One way to prepare is by reading about the experiences of people who have undergone the surgery.

Meet Chase Salazar, a Cosmo Girl who recently had a nose job and is currently in her recovery phase. In an exclusive interview with Cosmo, she shared all about her experience, including why she wanted to get one, her consultation, her recovery, and of course, some before and after pictures!

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What It's Like To Get A Nose Job

Her reason behind getting a nose job

According to Chase, she was *really* hesitant at first. "To be honest, nung una ayaw ko talaga! But bigla ko na-realize, 'OMG, baka may mas i-ga-ganda pa ako kapag na-enhance pa yung nose ko.'" She also stressed that having a great support system was what helped her decide to push through with the rhinoplasty procedure. "With the support of [my] fam and friends—especially my mama—ayun, na-push ako na mag-push through sa rhinoplasty. Medyo mahaba-habang thinking process din."


She made it clear that she decided to do it for herself, which TBH, is the most important part of all! "I am so happy na finally nag-decide ako to do it for myself."

This is how Chase looked like before her rhinoplasty surgery. Courtesy of Chase

Where was her operation done and how much was it

Chase went to Dr. Niño Ordillo of Vibrant Skin and Body Clinic. The Gore-Tex rhinoplasty ranges from P85,000 to P120,000. According to Dr. Cory Torgerson, a Canadian facial plastic surgeon, Gore-Tex is an implant made from biomedical material that is manufactured specifically to interact with living cells. Because of this, the body won't try to reject it as the implant anchors in place as the swelling minimizes after a nose job.

Her thought process on choosing the clinic and doctor

According to Chase, she looked at the before-and-after pictures of the past rhinoplasty surgeries that Dr. Ordillo has done. "Nagustuhan ko yung mga pictures nung mga ginawa ni Doc. Super galing! I noticed na super natural lang yung mga gawa niya—that's what I wanted for my nose kasi." Apparently, his patients call him "Magic Hands," and Chase definitely agrees. "Magic nga, hehehe!"

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On her consultation with her doctor

"Dr. Ordillo is a super chill and fun doctor. Para lang kami nagchikahan nung consultation. Haha! Madali lang siya kausap and gets niya kaagad kung ano gusto ko mangyari sa nose ko." In fact, Chase trusted him so much that she did not give him a peg or reference picture. "Basta ang sabi ko lang, 'Doc, ikaw na bahala sakin, basta mas pagandahin mo lang ako!' Haha!"

On the things she did to prepare for her nose job

"Firstly, money talaga, haha! Then, nag-ipon [ako] ng tapang at lakas ng loob." Chase also shared that reading extensively about the procedure and joining groups specifically for rhinoplasty really helped. "Yung mga FB groups like Rhinoplasty Support Group Philippines [are a] super big help! You'll find testimonials, tips, and support from that group."

On what she felt during the surgery

"Super kinakabahan ako, TBH. It was my first operation ever! Super kudos to Dr. Ordillo's team [because] super smooth ng surgery. Naka-sedate ako kaya wala ako na-feel na pain. Though ang feeling ko parang half-awake and half-asleep ako pero 'di ko namalayan yung time. Feel ko ang bilis lang natapos! So, parang natulog ka lang then paggising mo, magic! Haha!"

Chase right after the surgery. Courtesy of Chase
Applying a cold compress to help the swelling subside! Courtesy of Chase

On her recovery so far

"Super thankful ako kasi smooth din ang recovery ko. Nung first week post-op, yun yung pinaka-challenging for me. Need bantayan meds and need bantayan ang nose. Nakakapanibago siyempre [because] naka-cast siya. Yun lang yung medyo uncomfortable! It may look painful sa pictures pero I swear, no pain at all kahit nung recovery days na."

Now on her second month of recovery, Chase emphasized the importance of not getting stressed out, especially in the healing stage. "Siyempre, andiyan yung bruising and all. It may take six to 12 months para maging fully healed yung nose and makita yung final shape niya. So just relax and trust the process!"

One month post-op! Courtesy of Chase
This is how Chase looks like with makeup on one month after her surgery! Courtesy of Chase

Her message for girls who are thinking of getting a nose job

"Go for it if gustong-gusto mo talaga! Dapat 101 percent sure ka. Make sure din na prepared ka mentally, physically, and emotionally. Of course, meron at meron magsasalita ng masama but that shouldn't affect you if ginusto mo talaga. Do your research and make sure na super compatible kayo ng doctor mo. Do it for yourself and not for others."

Almost two months post-op. Courtesy of Chase
After almost two months post-op with some makeup on. Courtesy of Chase

*Answers were edited for clarity.

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