10 Low-Key Rib Tattoo Ideas You'll Want To Copy ASAP

Super cute!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/motus.ink, Instagram/leroygiesbers

So... you finally decided to bite the bullet and get a tattoo. Before you go to a tattoo parlor with your chosen design, make sure to think things through first. Remember, this will be on your body ~forever~! You've still got a lot of things to consider, like finding a reputable tattoo artist and of course, the exact placement of your new ink.

While some people may want to place it in an area that's easy to see like the arm or wrist, others might want to have it done at a more low-key spot. If you find yourself agreeing with the latter, then the ribs are the perfect location for you. They can be shown off just as easily as they can be hidden. No one but you will know it's there until you decide to show it off. ;) Sounds interesting? Check out 10 of the cutest designs below:

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  1. A rose tattoo is an oldie but always a goodie, TBH.

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  2. This koi fish design is made daintier with the touch of florals.

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  3. You can get away with a huge piece if it's done with delicate lines like this one.

  4. Butterflies are always a good choice.

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  5. A flowing script tattoo always looks subtle *and* classy.

  6. Floral designs are just so timeless.

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  7. Keep your doggo close to you forever with this tattoo.

  8. What makes this design unique is that the roses also double as the butterfly's wings.

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  9. If you're tired of basic heart tattoos, go for its ~anatomical~ design.

  10. This *tiny* wreath tattoo is simple but sweet.

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