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Rihanna Had The *Perfect* Clapback To The Fan Who Called Out Her Pimple In This Selfie

Have you guys never seen a pimple before!?!?

If there's one celeb who won't take sh*t from anyone, it's Rihanna. Recently, the queen treated us to a New Year's selfie on Instagram where she was, of course, looking absolutely fire as per usual.

Wearing her hair in braids, Rihanna posed makeup-free for the pic (save for a slick of what appears to be lip gloss? Our bet's Fenty) showing off her incredible, glowing skin. She captioned the gorge snap: "first selfie of the year doe. #2020".

The photo quickly racked up over five million likes and a load of positive comments—but in true social media form, people still had some other things to say...

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If you squint, you may (or in our case, may not) notice a small blemish on the side of Rihanna's face. Forgive us for not initially seeing said spot—we were honestly to busy reveling in RiRi's beauty.

However, more than a few people picked up on the pimple and some even went as far as leaving comments about it.

"The fact that the pimple heard the album and we didn't."

"Let me pop your pimple!"

"Really bold of u to post a selfie and not a link to the album. U deserve that pimple."

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Well, RiRi wasn't about to sit back and say nothing, so she responded in the best way possible—which was then picked up by the (hilarious) IG account @commentsbycelebs.

In response to "Let me pop your pimple," Rihanna clapped back, "let her have her shine, PLEASE."

AMEN. Everyone gets spots from time to time, so we're not sure why everyone is near losing their minds over one tiny zit. We love that Rihanna wasn't about to let a little breakout stop her from posting her bomb selfie. We love it even more that she didn't bother trying to hide or cover it.

It's 2020 people, let's take a page from RiRi's book and be more real with our skin.


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