10 Beautiful Ring Tattoo Ideas To Get With Your Significant Other

Because jewelry is overrated.
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Sure, couple rings are great, but we're here to convince you that ring tattoos can be another option to show you and your significant other's commitment to the relationship. Ring tattoos are pretty, and you can't lose them unlike jewelry. Your bond could even grow stronger as you support each other getting inked at the tattoo studio—aka the experience itself could serve as a relationship milestone.

From simple linear designs to minimalist lettering, check out these ring tattoo ideas made for couples(Ed's note: Getting a tattoo on your finger is painful, so brace for it! Also, they may also fade easily if not properly taken care of.)

  1. Delicate linear ring tattoos like these are simple and timeless.

  2. You may also opt for words, names, or initials as your ring tattoo design.

  3. Arrows are a nice option, too.

  4. Bold ring tattoos plus a heart outline finger ink make a lovely couple tattoo design.

  5. If you both want something really subtle, try tiny dots for your ring tattoos.

  6. Ring tattoos can serve as reminders of how much you love each other.

  7. Infinity symbols to represent your lifetime commitment to each other.

  8. Make things extra special by getting colored ring tattoos.

  9. Have each other's names inked on your ring fingers as a sign of eternal commitment.

  10. The matching ring tattoos can also be placed on your thumbs.

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