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Just 35 *Super Cute* Scorpio Tattoo Ideas You'll Want To Try ASAP

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Let’s be honest here: Scorpio is kiiinda one of the most hated signs, so your big reputation absolutely precedes you. You get a lot of flack for being possessive and vengeful, but if we look underneath that tough exterior, you’ve got a ton of depth and layers that only those closest to you get to see. You’re intense, yes, but that also means you love passionately, you’re exceptionally loyal, and you’re deep in your feels. You’re also a bit of a control freak (one of your biggest flaws as a Scorpio, but you’re working on it!), so letting even the best tattoo artist make the final call on your Scorpio tattoos isn’t gonna happen. We see you, Scorpio, and we get you, so we pulled together 35 tattoos for you to choose from that are so Scorpio it hurts—almost as much as a tattoo. Maybe. Keep scrolling and get ready to screenshot your favs!

1. This Scorpio Couples Tattoo

You, Scorpio, may have a lot of secrets, but it's no secret that Scorpios are sensitive, sensual beings. Get a tattoo of an embrace between two people that embodies all that passion and intimacy you have bottled up inside.


2. This Scorpio Hand Tattoo

This emotional water sign loves intensely, protects fiercely, and seeks security in relationships. A hand tattoo design like this one captures all that in a sweet way—not in a potentially ~possessive~ way that some Scorpios are also known for.

3. This Scorpion Wrist Tattoo

You can't spell "scorpion" without "Scorpio," and no symbol is a more accurate representation of this sign, which is why this wrist tattoo makes so much sense for you.

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4. This Shark Scorpio Tattoo

The scorpion might be the most obvious choice for an animal-themed Scorpio tattoo, but sharks—as intense, confident, curious, and strategic as they are—totally make sense for you, too. Also, shark attacks. Scorpios are vengeful. Just sayin'.

5. This Dotted Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

As a Scorpio, you're a loyal friend. Get the Scorpio constellation tattooed on your shoulder to represent how you always have a shoulder to lean on. Or how you'll give them the cold shoulder if they betray you. Either one.


6. This Key Tattoo Design

You're secretive, fiercely protective, and cautious of letting people into your guarded heart. Need I explain the reason why a key tattoo would fit this zodiac sign so perfectly?

7. These Element Symbols Tattoos

Looking for a group tattoo with your best friends or a design to share with a special someone? Go together and get tattoos the symbols of your elements (a water sign is an upside-down triangle, FYI) in the same place.

8. A Scorpio Symbol Tiny Tattoo

A tiny tattoo on the back of your next is a little mysterious, a little secretive, and a really good idea for a Scorpio.

9. This Rose Tattoo

What makes a floral design such a good choice for a Scorpio is the fact that this sign has a pretty impressive sense of smell. Seriously! It's a thing. Wear a new perfume around them next time and see what they say.


10. These Couple Tattoos

If you're dating a Scorpio, then you know what passionate lovers they are. They'd love to show their devotion to you with a couple's tattoo, like this one of two avocado halves.

11. This Shell Scorpio Tattoo

Scorpio is a water sign (obvs), and this beach-themed tattoo is a super-pretty tattoo option that illustrates your connection to the sea. Not only that, but just like Scorpios, clams are hard to open up, but def worth your extra effort once they do.

12. This Teary Tattoo

Let's be real, Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios have all earned a reputation for being big criers. And as emotional, sensitive water signs, that's kinda fair. Scorpios, in particular, are known for their intense gaze, so lean into all of that with this crying eye tattoo.

13. This Wave Tattoo

Your Scorpio tattoo doesn't have to be so obvious. Actually, as a guarded Scorpio, you probs want to keep the full meaning of your design a secret. A wave tattoo like this one would subtly hint at the water sign without giving it all away.


14. This Stick-and-Poke Tattoo

You, my Scorpio friend, are powerful, brave, and ambitious, which is why a stick-and-poke tattoo of a rocket ship is so perfectly *you*.

15. This Scorpio Finger Tattoo

The zodiac sign's animal symbol is always a solid option for ink. Plus, the finger tattoo placement is perfect if you need to keep your Scorpio tattoo hidden and only show those closest to you—such a Scorpio thing to do.

16. This Red Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpios love a dark red color, so add another clever element to your Scorpio tattoo and get your design done in red ink to represent your intense, fierce, and passionate nature.

17. This Mysterious Scorpio Tattoo

Scorpios are hard to read. This abstract wave tattoo? Also hard to read. Get a tattoo that only those closest to you know the true significance of.


18. This Scorpio Hip Tattoo

If you've decided on a classic Scorpio symbol design, go with a discreet, cheeky hip tattoo placement that will appeal to your secretive and ~sultry~ sides.

19. This Planet and Portrait Tattoo

This celestial-themed portrait tattoo is as mysterious and deep as you are. This is definitely a conversation starter (and we know how much you love deep convos).

20.  This Complex Constellation Tattoo

This Scorpio tattoo has many layers to it, just like you. At first glance, it looks like just the Scorpio constellation. But on closer inspection, you’ll find the Scorpio symbol, a planet, the sun, and a moon tattoo hidden in the stars.

21. This Sun and Moon Tattoo

If you're new to astrology, you probs know you have a sun sign that represents your personality traits. But did you know you also have a moon sign that represents your emotional side and a rising sign that determines how others see you? Well, now you do! Figure out all your birth deets and incorporate those different things into your tattoo.


22. This Heart Tattoo

Not your typical cutesy heart tattoo, this anatomically correct design with flowers growing out of the top captures the emotional and sensitive sides and intensive feelings of the fixed water sign.

23. This Fine-Line Constellation Scorpio Tattoo

This fine-line constellation Scorpio tattoo is a straightforward way to rep #TeamScorpio without being too splashy.

24. This Tarot Card Scorpio Tattoo

If you’d rather opt for a Scorpio tattoo that lets everyone know your zodiac sign, this detailed tarot card design (did I mention Scorpios love tarot cards?) is definitely an eye-catching way to adorn your body.

25. This Scorpion Arm Tattoo

The delicate design of this Scorpio tattoo is undeniably reflective of your personality. You’re not one to mess with, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a bit of a softy deep down.


26. This Scorpion Foot Tattoo

I mean, how adorable is this bb Scorpio ankle tattoo? Seriously, it’ll make you want to wear sandals all year long.

27. This Floral and Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

Go with a bouquet of flowers combined with the constellation for your Scorpio tattoo to represent your creative, sensitive, and intimate sides.

28. This Plant Stem Sternum Tattoo

A hidden tattoo? Tell me, what's more Scorpio than that?! So secretive. So sensual. So Scorpio.

29. This Planet Mars Tattoo

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, so go for this abstract Scorpio tattoo. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to portray your ruling planet.


30. This Scorpio Symbol Shoulder Tattoo

Fine-line shoulder tattoos are perf for anyone who prefers a dainty design, like the Scorpio symbol seen here.

31. This Hot Chili Pepper Tattoo

Scorpios' emotions run hot, and they're known for their intense and slightly heated personality. IMO, there’s no better way to depict those character traits than with this chili pepper design.

32. This Red-Ink Dragon Tattoo

A red dragon tattoo represents a number of things—passion, heat, and sexiness. That’s why this fierce underboob tattoo, with its center-stage placement, should be at the top of your list.

33. This Rose Scorpio Tattoo

You’re probably thinking a cute flower tattoo design doesn’t really make sense for a Scorpio tattoo, but hear me out: Roses are beautiful, but if you mess around, you'll get pricked by their thorns. I mean, it’s basically a metaphor for you and your personality.


34. This Wave Water Sign Tattoo

This watercolor tattoo is a cute option for a Scorpio tattoo, given your water sign roots. Plus, it looks like it was inspired by Hokusai’s masterpiece, giving it another layer of depth. Layers and depth? Must be a Scorpio!

35. This Scorpio Script Tattoo

You might be a water sign, but there’s no denying that you give off Big Firecracker Energy and are often mistaken for a fire sign. Make sure no one forgets that fact with this printed Scorpio finger tattoo.


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