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20 Scorpio Tattoos That You'll Absolutely Fall In Love With

Is it too much to get all of these?
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As a Scorpio, your reputation definitely precedes you. And, TBH, who can blame people for thinking you're an impulsive and jealous sex-fanatic who isn't afraid of calling people out? It's not not true. But I know if you look underneath that hard exterior, there's a ton of depth below all that chaotic energy. You're intense, but that quality also means that you love deeply, you're extremely loyal, and you have a lot of feelings. You also know what you like, and you're super specific with your tastes—so when it comes to tattoos, there's no way you're getting any random design inked on your body forever. I truly get you, Scorpio, so I went ahead and found the 20 best Scorpio tattoos that are anything but basic. Prepare to fall in love.


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  1. This Fine-Line Constellation Scorpio Tattoo

    This fine-line constellation Scorpio tattoo is a straightforward way to rep #TeamScorpio without being too splashy.

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  2. This Tarot Card Scorpio Tattoo

    Or, if you'd rather opt for a Scorpio tattoo that lets everyone know your zodiac sign, this detailed tarot card design is definitely an eye-catching way to adorn your body.

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  3. This Scorpio Arm Tattoo

    The delicate design of this Scorpio tattoo is undeniably reflective of your personality. You're not one to mess with, but that doesn't mean you're not a bit of a softie.

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  4. This Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

    A zodiac symbol is always a dope option for ink. Plus, the finger placement is perfect if you need to keep your Scorpio tattoo a bit hidden.

  5. This Anatomical Heart Scorpio Tattoo

    This anatomical heart tattoo is a great choice for a Scorpio design because it represents love and passion—two things that are very important to you.

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  6. This Printed Scorpio Tattoo

    You're blunt AF, so why shouldn't your Scorpio tattoo design reflect that? Let everyone know exactly who they're dealing with from the jump with this printed design.

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  7. This Scorpio Foot Tattoo

    I mean, how adorable is this bb Scorpio tattoo? Seriously, it'll make you want to wear sandals all year long.

  8. This Floral and Constellation Scorpio Tattoo

    The intricate and abstract approach to this Scorpio tattoo makes the design totally unique.

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  9. This Dagger Scorpio Tattoo

    Okay, getting a dagger tattooed on your arm is a bit intense, but honestly, so are you. Plus, the soft lines and subtle shading make this Scorpio tattoo way too aesthetically pleasing to pass up.

  10. This Dotted Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

    Tiny dots make up the constellation design in this Scorpio tattoo, giving it another level of dimension.

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  11. This Shell Scorpio Tattoo

    Scorpios are water signs (obvs), and this seashell design is a super pretty tattoo option that illustrates your connection to the sea.

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  12. This Mars Scorpio Tattoo

    Scorpio is ruled by Mars, so instead of getting a random red dot on your arm, go for this abstract Scorpio tattoo. It's a one-of-a-kind way to portray your ruling planet.

  13. This Wine Scorpio Tattoo

    Who said all Scorpio tattoos had to be super serious? As a wine lover, the only thing better than drinking a glass of wine is having one on your body at all times, so this light-hearted design is a fun choice.

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  14. This Scorpio Symbol Shoulder Tattoo

    Fine-line shoulder tattoos are perf for anyone who prefers a more dainty design, like this Scorpio symbol seen here.

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  15. This Snake Scorpio Tattoo

    People already think you're a snake, so lean into the reputation with this Scorpio tattoo. The intricate design adds edge, while the cheeky spot where the tattoo is located makes it discreet.

  16. This Minimalist Chili Pepper Scorpio Tattoo

    Scorpios are known for their intense and slightly heated personality. IMO, there's no better way to depict those character traits than with this chili pepper design. This would def be my choice for a Scorpio tattoo.

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  17. This Red Ink Dragon Scorpio Tattoo

    The color red represents a number of things—passion, heat, and you, Scorpio (it's your zodiac sign's color). That's why this fierce dragon tattoo, with its center-stage placement, should be at the top of your list.

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  18. This Rose Scorpio Tattoo

    You're probably thinking that while this floral design is cute, it doesn't really make sense for a Scorpio tattoo. Hear me out: Roses are beautiful, but if you mess around, you can get pricked by their thorns. I mean, it's basically a metaphor for you and your personality.

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  19. This Colorful Wave Scorpio Tattoo

    This watercolor wave design is a cute option for a Scorpio tattoo, given your water sign roots. Plus, it looks like it was inspired by Hokusai's masterpiece, giving it another layer of depth.

  20. This "Bang Bang" Scorpio Tattoo

    You might be a water sign, but there's no denying that you give off Big Firecracker Energy. Make sure no one forgets that fact with this printed Scorpio tattoo.

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