Seriously Hot Beauty Moves For V-Day

It's your skin + makeup checklist!

If you’re planning to do something special with your bae for Valentine’s, here’s how you can make sure that he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

On Valentine's Week

1. Start sloughing!

Use a nylon glove and start buffing your skin every other day to get rid of any bumps, dry spots, and rough patches. Make sure you focus on hard-to-reach places like the back of your arms, leg, your back, and bottom. Just because you can’t see those spots doesn’t mean he can’t!

2. Smooth on a good lotion.

Since you’re going to be scrubbing your skin more often, you need to bring back the lost moisture by applying a light lotion twice a day. This will ensure that your skin is polished to perfection and will be super smooth for when he wraps his arms around you.

3. Deep condition.

Hair treatments or potent conditioners (
like this month’s beauty crush from Pantene) can boost shine and make your strands more manageable. Wondering why this is important? Studies show that it doesn’t really matter what hairstyle you have. You’re more likely to catch his eye if you’re sporting healthy-looking, shiny hair. 

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A Few Days Before V-Day

1. Defuzz.

You don’t want to risk him stumbling upon a stubbly patch, so waxing everything off may be a better option. Get your aesthetician to wax your upper lip, bikini area, and legs. This way, if you end up spending the night together, you won’t be
praning about regrowth when his hand grazes your leg.

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2. Visit a nail salon.

A decent manicure will make sure that you’re ready for some action. Keep your nails semi-long and make sure they’re filed down well, so you can tease him with your touch without scratching. Have more budget? Get a foot scrub while you’re at it, so you won’t feel conscious if he wants to play footsie.

On Valentine's

1. Choose your makeup well.

Go for formulas that are budge-proof for your foundation and blush to avoid staining his pillows. For your lips, stains are the best option to prevent smudging or leaving lipstick on his collar. Just make sure that you prep with balm to score a soft, kissable pout. Plan on wearing eye makeup? Stick to cream shadows and waterproof mascara to avoid raccoon eyes the next day.

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2. Dab your perfume sparingly and strategically.

You know the hot spots—behind your ears, your cleavage, right below your navel, the back of your knees, and your ankles. This way, he’s guaranteed to get a subtle whiff of your signature scent wherever he goes.

3. Wear your hair up.

A loose bun at the start of the date will get him excited, especially if it shows off your sexy neck. As you move on to drinks, remove your hair tie and let your tresses stumble across your shoulders. Hook him by slowly running your finger through your hair as he talks and giving him a sweet, innocent smile. Trust us—he’ll be putty in your hands after that. 

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