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Using Sheet Masks On Your Vagina Is A Very Real Thing

You read that right.
PHOTO: Jean Saturnino

CGs, we’re sorry. All this time, we’ve been encouraging you to sheet mask your face away—while watching the latest K-drama, on an airplane, with your boyfriend—when we should have been telling you to try this instead.

Alix Tunnel, a writer at Refinery29, is an advocate of using sheet masks on her vagina. According to her, the vagina goes through so many things (including being thisclose to sweaty, dirty MRT seats) that, “It deserves a weekly spa treatment just as much as your face does.” Alix prefers to do it after waxing and shaving to soothe and hydrate the skin, but—and don’t quote us on this—using one after sex *might* be a good idea, too.

If you’re ready to give vagina-masking a go, just make sure to read the ingredient label thoroughly. Alix spoke to dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, who recommends avoiding anything with alpha and beta hydroxyl acids (AHA and BHA), and retinol as these might be too harsh for inflamed or irritated skin. But anything soothing is a go: “Most sheet masks are very gentle, calming, and hydrating. Look for chamomile, feverfew, aloe, and rose oil,” Dr. Bowe said.

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You know what you’re doing tonight, girls!

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