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Just 15 *Super Cute* Side Rib Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Ink

Minimalist and colorful designs, right this way!
The Best Side Rib Tattoo Ideas To Try For Your Next Ink
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When it comes to the placement of your tattoos, you can either go for unique spots like the underboob or behind your ear, or you can go for a classic area like the ribs. It's a pretty big area, so you and your tattoo artist are free to go as little or as big as you want. Another great thing about it is that you can show it off just as easily as you can hide it—perfect for people whose workplaces don't allow *visible* body ink!

Fair warning, though: This isn't the most forgiving area when it comes to pain level, since the skin underneath the bones is quite thin. It does, however, make for a super cool and badass tattoo! We recommend choosing a minimalist design to shorten the inking session and choosing a reputable tattoo artist to ensure that things go smoothly.

That said, let's go ahead and check out some designs for ~inspiration~! Check out these 15 cute side rib tattoo ideas we spotted on Instagram:

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15 Side Rib Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2021

1. Pay homage to your favorite childhood book by getting one of its most iconic drawings tattooed on you.

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2. This quote written in a cute script would look good anywhere, TBH, but it looks especially good on the ribs.

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3. Beach babes, this design is perfect for you.

4. You can never go wrong with flowers!

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5. Space babies will love this dainty tattoo of Saturn and some stars.

6. Add more dimension to your design by asking your tattoo artist to incorporate shapes and dots.

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7. This line art tattoo of two people kissing is sexy yet subtle.

8. The addition of flowers to the koi fish makes this design extra dainty.

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9. A snake is a cool animal to get tattooed on your ribs—the constant movement of your torso will make it seem like it's alive.

10. Butterflies are always a great, no-fail design.

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11. If you plan on getting a word tattooed on, you can choose to get it done in the handwriting of someone special to you to make it even more unique.

12. Obsessed with this short but sweet quote.

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13. Not a fan of black ink tattoos? We're here to tell you that red ink is the *move*!

14. Here's a more minimalist version of the butterfly tattoo.

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15. Get an important date tattooed on you in Roman numerals to keep it unique.

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