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You Can Still Have An Effective Skincare Routine Even If You're Tamad

Welcome to the world of minimalist beauty.
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With the rise of K-beauty multi-step routines, there is a ~pressure~ that we must use a lot of products to score clear skin. We've got good news: This isn't necessarily true. Although a 10-step regimen may grant you glass skin, having a simple routine can also give you a clear complexion. Below, the perks of having pared-down habits and how you can start an effective, minimalist regimen.

  1. It saves you time and money.

    Using fewer products automatically means you don't buy a lot. Serums and moisturizers don't come cheap after all.

  2. It's more environmentally friendly.

    Since you're buying fewer products, your waste contribution to the planet is definitely lesser than the average person. Plus, since your purchases are more intentional, the whole self-care experience becomes more personal and more enriching.

  3. It's sustainable for any type of lifestyle.

    Because your routine consists of a few steps, it's easier to be consistent with it. You won't be too lazy to do it or even if have the excuse that you don't have enough time.

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Okay, I'm game to have a simple skincare routine! How do I start?

Welcome to the world of minimalist skincare routines. Here are important pointers you need to be keen on before paring down your essentials.

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  1. Know your skin type

    You need to know your skin type first so it will be easy to find the best products to add to your regimen. Oily and acne-prone skin need items with zit-zapping and shine-controlling abilities. Dry skin will benefit from anything that says "moisturizing" on the packaging. If you've got sensitive skin, choose products that have "hypoallergenic" in the label. If you need a more in-depth guide, here are some basic regimens you can try.

  2. Be acquainted with the basic skincare routine steps

    The elements of a good skincare routine consist of the following: Cleanse, treat, and moisturize. You need a good facial wash, a toner/serum/spot treatment for your major skincare concern, and a moisturizer to keep the barrier healthy and strong.

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  3. Learn how to choose multitasking products

    Another good tip is to find products that multitask. Choose a hydrating toner that can work as an essence or maybe a night cream that works as a sleeping mask, too.

The takeaway

When you have a simple skincare routine, you become smarter with your purchases. Plus, it's less likely that you'll get lazy to do ya short and sweet regimen. Best of all, you have more time to do things that really matter—sleep and life itself!

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