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Skin Solutions: Stretch Marks


Dr. Jacqueline So, MD, a dermatologist we consulted at Skin Inc., gives us the most effective way to reduce the appearance of our stretch marks.

Question: Is there a way to fix stretch marks for those who've lost a lot of weight, or just gave birth?

Dr. So: Right now, there’s only one US FDA-approved treatment for stretch marks. That is doing a fractional laser treatment.

Stretch marks occur when the elastic fibers underneath the skin break because of stretching of the skin (for instance, due to pregnancy or rapid weight gain). The fractional laser renews the collagen underneath and makes the surface go up a bit, so it looks smoother and more uniform. It will probably improve the stretch mark by 80%. You can’t do anything to totally remove stretch marks or scars. To improve it by 80 to 90%, a fractional laser would be best.

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