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Skin Solutions: Tired Skin and Eye Bags

Find out how to keep the skin around your eyes looking refreshed despite work stress and lack of sleep.

Check out what Dr. Jacqueline So, MD, a dermatologist we consulted at Skin Inc., recommends to keep your skin looking refreshed and well-rested.

Question: How do you reduce the appearance of tired skin? What can you do to fix target areas on your face, such as eye bags?

Dr. So: First off, eye bags have different underlying causes. One cause is innate or genetic. For example, some Indians have dark skin around their eyes. We can’t do anything about that. The second reason for eye bags is vascular. If there are some blood vessels underneath the skin around the eye, there can be some darkening because the blood in the vessels is stagnant. Third, if your eyes are deep-set, you end up looking a little bit more tired because the bony rim that protrudes gives off a shadow underneath your eye that makes you look tired. A real eye bag is when fat already herniated or went out of its sac, which gives you a bag underneath your eye. For real eye bags, you can’t do anything about it except for surgery.

For bony orbital rims, you can inject a filler that will help cover and make the surface smoother. It removes the dark shadow underneath the eye.


If your eyes are puffy because of lack of sleep, you can use a cold compresses to make the puffiness go away. You can also use whitening creams that contain licorice or arbutin. Some products that contain daisy extract can also lighten the skin around the eyes.

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