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This Popular Makeup Brand Just Launched A Skincare Line And We’re Here For It

They have everything: from cleansers to sheet masks!

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Raise your hand if you agree: The best base to any ~lewk~ is clear, glowing skin. If you want to get the most out of your makeup products, you need to take proper care of its canvas, which is your complexion.

Its for this exact reason that popular makeup brand BYSknown for its colorful palettes and lippiesdecided to launch its own skincare line: Skin by BYS. Below, everything we learned about this new release and why we can’t wait to try it for ourselves!

It uses natural ingredients.

Women who swear by plant-based ingredients will have lots to love in this new line. Not only are these items cruelty-free and vegan, but they also use naturally sourced beauty ingredients to care for your complexion. The list includes licorice root extract, sesame seed extract, mulberry bark extract, and Chinese peony root extract (just to name a few), all of which can help get you the soft, dewy skin of your dreams. 

It can help brighten the skin and fade blemishes.

Dealing with blemishes and fine lines? This product range boasts of items that help brighten the complexion and fade the appearance of wrinkles with regular use. The formula also has antioxidants that aids in promoting a healthy-looking glow! 

It has rich textures and addictive scents!

These items are treats to the senses once you take them out of their packaging (which are holographic and totally IG-worthy, btw!). The rich formula and the fragrant scents will make doing your skincare routine feel almost therapeutic! 

It has 10 products you can add to your skincare regimen. 

Skin by BYS comes with not five, not eight, but 10 skincare products you can choose fromalmost everything you need for a complete routine! Check these out:

Extra Gentle Micellar Water

This mild, no-rinse cleanser helps remove dirt, makeup, and impurities. 

Extra Hydrating Balancing Toner

Dealing with dry skin? Try this moisturizer in toner form! It helps cleanse the pores while nourishing your complexion. 

Extra Gentle Milk Jelly Cleanser

Suitable for all skin types, this cleanser helps unclog pores and wash away impurities.

Extra Brightening Eye Cream 

Dark circles? You won’t know her when you try this refreshing eye cream that helps brighten the area around your peepers. Just make sure to apply it daily! 

Extra Firming Youth Serum 

Apply this serum every day to help smoothen and perk up tired-looking complexion. 

Extra Glow Brightening Serum 

This serum has vitamin C that can help you get an even glow!

Extra Effortless Pore Perfecting Sunblock

Try this lightweight sunscreen if you need extra protection from the sun. It has SPF50 PA+++ that comes in a mattifying formula.  

Extra Glow Face Cream 

If you dream of bright, glowing skin, you have to add this face cream to your daily skincare routine.

Extra Glow Sheet Mask 

Need a quick boost of hydration? Try this gentle sheet mask that suits all skin types.

Extra Firming Sheet Mask

This nourishing sheet helps improve the skin’s texture, leaving it soft and plump!

If your skin’s been needing some ~tough love~, make Skin by BYS a regular part of your self-care routine. Follow BYS on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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