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Skincare Habits You Learned From Instagram That Are *Actually* Wrong

Don't just copy everything you see on Instagram.
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Instagram influencers often offer a wealth of beauty tricks and tips. But of course, their advice should also be taken with a grain of salt, particularly when it comes to skincare. Trying out a new treatment or splurging on an expensive product because a famous influencer did so is not always the best way to approach skincare. Doing so might cause unwanted and irreversible effects.

While some beauty influencers do have credibility, you might come across others who do certain things just for the sake of theatrics or likes. Hence, you should always try to consult a professional especially if you have sensitive skin or if you're dealing with certain chemicals.

YouTuber James Welsh listed down some of the skincare faux pas Instagram influencers tend to make. Here are some of his examples:

  1. Overapplication of serum.

    Almost every makeup tutorial on Instagram that starts with skincare involves influencers dousing their faces with serum. It's very likely that they do this for visual impact. On camera, it looks nice; but in real life, using this much product is not necessary. Serums are concentrated skincare products and usually, a drop is enough to cover your whole face. Remember that putting on a huge amount of product in one go does not make it work better. Plus, serums are really expensive! Save your money and just use the right amount.

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  2. Applying the product directly from the bottle.

    As a follow-up to the first skincare mistake, you also shouldn't apply the product directly from the bottle. It's easier to gauge how much product you're layering on your face when you put it on your hand first. Just make sure that your hands are perfectly clean before touching your skin.

  3. Washing your face after using an eye patch.

    Multi-masking may look adorable on photos, but it's actually quite tricky when you have an eye patch in the mix and it's time to wash off the masks. Unlike clay masks, you're not supposed to wash your face after using an eye patch. You just soaked your eye area with all those good serums, so it will be like you did all *that* for nothing if you wash it off right after. 

Watch the full video below for other beauty influencer skincare mistakes you might be doing, too:

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Watch James Welsh's video of skincare mistakes of beauty gurus that you might be doing.