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One Of The Worst Things For Your Skin Is Flying On A Plane

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This summer, whether you're jetting off to Palawan or Boracay to escape the city heat, one thing's certain: You'll be riding a plane to get there. And even if the flight is only around 50 minutes to an hour and a half, the fact that your skin will be exposed to recycled air is already kinda stressful. 

Since planes have dry cabin air and skin is "comfortable" when the humidity levels are about 40 to 70 percent, whatever your skin type is, it will all result in the same thing, Allure reports: dry, flaky skin. 

But if you want to look glowing the second you step off the plane and make your way to the sunny shores of the beach, then according to Harper’s Bazaar, here are the skincare tips you should take note of before, after, and during your flight!

Apply a moisturizing mask the night before

If you can't (or don't want) to think about skincare during your flight, use a moisturizing mask the night before. That way, your skin's barriers won't be easily dried out by the harsh air.


Going makeup-free is your best bet

You don't want oil and makeup to clog your pores, right? And besides, going makeup free is cool nowjust look at Alicia Keys!

Never skip SPF

You're not safe from the sun's UV rays just because you're in a plane! UVA and UVB rays can still penetrate glass; and let's not forget, your cellphones and laptops emit them, too. So no matter how long or short your flight is, reapply sunscreen at least every two hours or so just to be completely safe.

Wear loose clothing

Those with sensitive skin, listen up: To prevent rashes from popping up while flying, avoid clothes with rayon or nylon materials and opt for loose clothing made out of cotton. It's faaaar more comfortable!

Stick to H20

If the flight attendant offers juice, just say no and ask for water instead to hydrate your body and skin. But if you want something tastier, green tea is a good choice as it's "more potent than vitamin C as an antioxidant to fight free radicals."

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Keep your nose moisturized

Sounds strange? Noses are usually the first to oil up, but when flying, they can be one of the driest.  So keep your nostrils moisturized because the dryer it is, the more prone to sickness you'll be.

Exfoliate after your flight

Planes are filled with a ton of germs. So the best thing to do after a flight is to exfoliate and get rid of all the bacteria, dead cells, and oil your skin might have accumulated during. Opt for a chemical exfoliant to ~really~ get into those pores!

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