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These Beauty Products For Your Face Can Also Brighten Your Underarms

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Among all the parts of your body, your kilikili probably gets the least TLC. Yes, you wash it with soap and water everyday, but when you're dealing with odor, bumps, and ingrown hair in your underarms, take it as a clear sign that they need a proper care routineand that doesn't necessarily mean you'd have to splurge on a fresh set of beauty products. In fact, some of the skincare goodies you already have in your bathroom can work wonders for your pits! 

Check out these beauty products that you can safely use for your underarms: 

Micellar Water 

If your armpits are starting to smell by midday, don't fret; a bottle of micellar water is all you need to cleanse and freshen it up—as if you just hit the shower. Because these cleansers are so mild and gentle, they won't irritate even the most sensitive underarms.

Simply soak a cotton pad or a tissue with micellar water and use it to wipe your pits. The tiny "micelles" (a.k.a mild surfactants) naturally attract oil and dirt so it'll clean the skin without drying it out. 


Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water, P299/200ml, P499/400ml, Lazada

Face Mask 

In case you forgot, your underarms have pores, too! They can be clogged up with excess sweat, residue from deodorant, and all the other gunk they accumulate on a daily basis. The unwanted buildup, as a result, becomes one of the main culprits behind your armpit odor (and even the dark appearance of underarms). 

Cue in: Armpit masking! Applying a mask on your kilikili may seem absurd, but it makes a lot of sense, as aside from cleansing your pits with soap and water, it also helps clear out impurities. "Your poor pits work so hard to regulate your body temperature by releasing sweat, and yet rarely is the skin given the chance to air out," explains a feature on Pure Wow. Many Pinays swear by doing this as it also gets rid of the unpleasant smell whenever they sweat. 

Look for clay masks with charcoal as its main ingredient for a deep detox, but be sure to patch test it on your skin first to avoid any irritation. Remember: Your kilikili is one the most sensitive parts of your body. 

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Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, P1,250, SM Megamall 

Cleansing Balm 

As you apply deodorant on a daily basis, you need to make sure to let your underarms breathe at the end of the day. If you're too lazy to hit the shower before sleeping, you can gently massage a cleansing balm on your underarms to work off the deodorant residue. An added perk? Your skin will feel softer as these nourishing balms work like a wash and a night cream in one go. 

Banila Co. Clean It Zero, P945, Watsons 

Beauty Oil 

The amazing thing about face oils is you can use them for several parts of your body—from your hair, hands, lips, and in this case, your underarms! Sunflower oil, for starters, can help reduce the bumps on your pits caused by plucking or shaving and can even even out dark spots.

Add a few drops to your underarm, massage it in for a few minutes, and leave it on for about 15 minutes. After washing it off, you'll notice how smooth your kilikili feels, especially with regular use. 


Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil, P174.75/50ml; P299.75/100ml, Robinsons Supermarket

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