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'Skinimalism' Is The Beauty Trend That Is Here To Stay

It's the 'new glow up.'
PHOTO: (1) Instagram/mariesteller, (2) Instagram/andieigengirl, (3) Getty Images

I first came across the term "skinimalism" in a Popsugar article. It was declared that skinimalism will be he biggest beauty trend of 2021. Pinterest also said that "skinimalism" is the new glow-up everybody will be embracing. This buzzy word has been all over Instagram, too. Brands have been labeling their latest releases as an item that supports skinimalism. But what exactly does it really mean? Ahead, the fast facts!

What is skinimalism?

In theory, skinimalism is about simplifying your beauty routine and embracing natural skin texture, aka letting the skin shine through. In the world of Facetune and Photoshop, unrealistic expectations have flooded the internet. Skinimalism focuses on normalizing skin texture, pores, wrinkles, freckles, and pimples. TL;DR: Makeup-free selfies are hot!

Skinimalism: Let the skin shine through

Skinimalism example: Andi Eigenmann without makeup
Andi Eigenmann is one celeb who often posts makeup-free selfies. Instagram/andieigengirl
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Since there is a focus on letting the skin breathe, minimal makeup looks are in. Plus, makeup products with skincare benefits are considered as sulit purchases.

Skinimalism: Maris Racal wearing a minimal makeup look.
Here, Maris Racal favors a low-key makeup look. Instagram/mariesteller

How did skinimalism become so popular?

Living in quarantine for most of 2020 (and until this year in our country) has greatly affected the beauty habits of everyone globally. Obviously, when you're at home, there is no need to wear full makeup.

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Plus, this "less is more" approach is more sustainable than the past IG makeup trends. Remember when baking, contouring, and cut-crease eye makeup were huge? Or when everyone was crazy about using almost 10 skincare products every night because of the K-beauty obsession? Those days are over.

According to the comments in a Cosmo Community Facebook Group thread, most Pinays focused on taking care of their skin since the quarantine period started. Instead of stocking up on lip tints and face powders, their shopping carts became dominated by skincare products. They said that they have more time to do their p.m. skincare routine, too. If they do wear makeup, they go for low-key makeup looks since they're wearing masks most of the time.

Skinimalism example: Minimal makeup look
Cosmopolitan Editorial Assistant for Beauty Cheska Santiago wearing just tinted brow soap, tinted moisturizer, concealer, and lip balm. Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
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In South Korea, a similar trend called the "transparent makeup" look also jumps off from skinimalism's goal: A no-makeup look that doesn't use thick base makeup to "mask" the complexion.

Skinimalism example: Minimal makeup look
Cosmopolitan Beauty Editor Ira Nopuente's used a mattifying primer, lip and cheek tint, brow gel, eyebrow pen, and mascara to create a low-key makeup look. Courtesy of Ira Nopuente
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Skinimalism example: Minimal makeup look
Cosmopolitan Managing Editor Retty Contreras' soft glam minimal makeup look was achieved by using the following: Skin tint, concealer for the under eyes, brightening powder, a bit of bronzer, and cream blush. She also put on MLBB lipstick on her pout and neutral eyeshadow on the lids. Courtesy of Retty Contreras
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I want to apply skinimalism to my routine. Which steps or products should I use?

Skinimalism is all about simplifying the routine. Taking care of the skin is the primary goal, but you don't need to go overboard with your skincare lineup. For makeup, go for second skin-finish base products, Cakey makeup is out, and it's all about letting your pores breathe.

Evaluate your current skincare products and cut them down if needed

I swear by this: Doing a three-step skincare routine consistently is much more effective than a 10-step skincare routine that you only do twice a week. Believe me, your skin doesn't need that many layers of serums and creams. Stick to these steps: Cleanse, treat, moisturize every night. Lastly, never skip SPF in the morning. (READ: You Can Still Have An Effective Skincare Routine Even If You're Tamad)

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Use lightweight formulas

To get that second-skin finish, you have to use lightweight bases like tinted moisturizers, skin tints, tinted sunscreens, or priming moisturizers. For the rest of the makeup, you can try a neutral-colored eyeshadow, cream blush, and a tinted lip balm.

Issy and Co. Active Skin Tint SPF 35

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BTW, you can still use face powder, especially if you have oily skin! Go for finely milled formulas that won't look cakey. (Cosmo Managing Editor Retty Contreras and I detailed our favorite lightweight makeup products here.)

Ellana Cooling Stay Matte Poreless Powder

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The bottom line

Skinimalism isn't really new because we've been wearing no-makeup looks for a long time now. But what's interesting is that we've finally declared that simplicity is in and we start to embrace "imperfections" like pores, skin texture, and blemishes. Cheers to celebrating real, effing skin!

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