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20 Small Ankle Tattoo Ideas That Are ~Subtle~ Enough To Be Hidden

It can be your little secret.
small ankle tattoos
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Planning to get inked? There are all sorts of tattoo placements you can choose from, may it be the handarm, or shoulder. But if you want your body art to be subtle, the ankle is an easy-to-hide spot that you'll surely love! Since it's down there, it's not easily noticeable. It can be your little ~secret~. Keep on reading to know more about this cool and low-key tattoo placement: 

Does it hurt to get an ankle tattoo?

NGL, ankle tattoos can be painful since it's a bony part of the body. Plus, there is less fat that can serve as a "cushion." That said, if you have a low pain threshold, you might want to go for small or simple designs. 

How do you take care of an ankle tattoo? 

  • Regularly wash your tattoo with water and mild soap
  • Always apply sunscreen on your ankle to keep your new tattoo from fading, especially if it's colored. 
  • Avoid scratching or picking at your new tattooIf your tattoo is peeling, don't panic—it's a normal part of the healing process. (READ MORE: Help! What Should I Do When My Tattoo Starts To Peel?
  • Keep the area moisturized. If it were to become dry, it could develop cracks and gaps in the design. (READ MORE: 8 Moisturizing Balms You *Need* If You Have A New Tattoo)
  • Choose your clothes carefully while your ankle tattoo is still healing. Make sure your bottoms aren't rubbing against your fresh ink. Go for shorts or skirts. As much as possible, wear loose clothing!
  • Wait for your tattoo to healwhich can take up to four weeksbefore going on beach trips
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Ready for some ink inspo? Check out these small ankle tattoos that are ~subtle~ enough to be hidden: 

  1. Heart ankle tattoo 

    You can't go wrong with a timeless heart tattoo, TBH. 

  2. Palm tree ankle tattoo 

    If spending time at the beach makes you happy, you're gonna love this ankle tattoo idea. 

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  3. Wing ankle tattoo 

    A wing tattoo isn't only aesthetically pleasingit's meaningful, too. Sometimes, a person gets it to honor a loved one who has passed away. 

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  4. Flower ankle tattoo 

    Here's a cute matching tattoo idea for you and your BFF! 

  5. Butterfly ankle tattoo 

    Butterflies are simply beautiful. 

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  6. Eye ankle tattoo

    ICYDK, eye tattoos are often associated with mystery and protection

  7. Thunderbolt ankle tattoo 

    This tiny tattoo looks pretty cool when paired with high heels. ;) 

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  8. Numbers ankle tattoo

    Aside from symbols, you can also opt for numbers or dates that are important to you. 

  9. Mountain ankle tattoo 

    This fine line tattoo is so, so subtle! 

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  10. Leaf ankle tattoo 

    Leaf tattoos can look just as ~delicate~ as floral ones. 

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  11. Sun ankle tattoo 

    If you love being under the sun, this minimalist tattoo is made for you. 

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  12. Infinity ankle tattoo

    Thinking of getting a matching tattoo with your beau? An infinity ink can represent your lifetime commitment to each other. 

  13. Flower and leaf tattoo 

    We're in love with this dainty, realistic-looking floral tattoo.

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  14. Sparkle ankle tattoo 

    Fun fact: Fine line tattoos like this one tend to be less painful because they can be created using just a single needle. 

  15. Paw-print ankle tattoo 

    How about an adorable tribute to your furry friend? 

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  16. Rose ankle tattoo

    This rose tattoo is as small as a coin. ;) 

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  17. Initial ankle tattoo

    For something simple but impactful, you can have the initial of your loved one's name tattooed on your ankle. 

  18. Wave ankle tattoo

    Let this wave tattoo remind you to go with the flow of life. It's a perfect option for beach babes, too! 

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  19. Cross ankle tattoo 

    The combination of a cross and the word "faith" just makes sense. 

  20. Galaxy ankle tattoo

    We love how this vibrant galaxy tattoo is still subtle enough to be hidden. 

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