30 Small Tattoos That Will Give You Endless Ink-spo

Pretty words, flowers, symbols—they're all here.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Pinterest/alimlikadin.com, (RIGHT) Instagram/stattoos

Small tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for people who want subtle, dainty ink designs. Not only are they more affordable, but they're also often easier to hide than standard tattoos (if that's something you're looking for).

But with so many options for where to get your tiny tattfinger, forearm, wrist, foot, ribcage, back of the neck, or even earit's easy to get overwhelmed with tattoo ideas. To give you inspo, we rounded up the best flowers, symbols, minimalist line art, and meaningful word designs for women on Pinterest right now.

  1. This minimalist rose tattoo looks perfectly understated on the forearm.

  2. A heart outline on the foot will sit perfectly underneath socks if you want to keep your tattoo hidden at work.

  3. How about this super cute moon and planet design?

  4. This behind-the-ear botanical design is all kinds of cool.

  5. Here's one for the ribcage tattoo fans.

  6. Oooh, how about this tiny wrist tattoo idea for you and your girls?

  7. Another versatile option: This sun outline on the back of the neck.

  8. We're totally here for this lotus line art, BTW.

  9. If you're not as much into flowers, how about this paper plane design?

  10. We're obsessed with this, and it's on a great location, too.

  11. We're buzzing for this bumble bee on the inside of the arm.

  12. If you describe your style as "boho," this cute cartoon set is probably right up your alley.

  13. Love is love, and it is made even better in rainbow hues.

  14. This is the subtlest tatt so far, with two simple dashes on the outside of the wrist.

  15. Simple and cute! <3

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