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This Is The Secret To Song Hye Kyo's ~*Flawless*~ Skin

The actress changed her lifestyle after she turned 30.
PHOTO: Instagram/kyo1122

When you think of classic Korean beauties (as we often do), Song Hye Kyo is probably at the top of the list. At 39, she's still one of the most recognized faces in Korea, not only because of her successful dramas and luxury endorsements, but also because of her ~flawless~ skin.

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What most people don't know, however, is that Hye Kyo actually does a lot to maintain her fresh look. During her free time, she prefers going barefaced; when she meets up with friends, she tries to wear minimal makeup. 

Hye Kyo also revealed she ate anything and everything she wanted in her twenties, but all of that changed when she hit 30: "I started controlling [myself]. I have a low sodium diet and [I] exercise. I run every day and do yoga on [a] regular basis. I take walks in the park near my home when the weather is nice."


Inner beauty is as important to Hye Kyo as her outward appearance, which is why she is all about being at peace with herself. She told ELLE Singapore, "Having a positive mindset is important for me. Finding the right balance is all in the head so thinking positive thoughts, taking things in my stride… if you can manage to do that, [the positivity] will be reflected on the outside as well." 

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