Song Hye Kyo Without Makeup

Real Talk: Song Hye Kyo's Makeup-Free Photos Are Absolutely Beautiful

We may have found actual evidence that she's a vampire who doesn't age.
PHOTO: Instagram/kyo1122

The fact that Song Hye Kyo looks amazing barefaced surprises absolutely no one. It's the reason the K-drama actress can effortlessly pull off barely-there looks, after all!

However, that certainly doesn't mean we're immune from being constantly impressed whenever we see photos of her without an ounce of makeup. Case in point: This viral post by a K-drama fan account showing the Hallyu star sans any glam. It says in the caption, "No make up? Gurl, I'm Song Hye Kyo!" LOL!

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As of this writing, this post has over 1,400 shares on Facebook. The comments section is filled with users who, like us, are equally in awe of Song Hye Kyo's natural beauty!

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Now, here's another fun fact about these photos. We found the original ones posted on a Naver blog (with a bonus snap of her OOTD), and here's the catch: It dates as far back as 2008. In short, these shots were probably taken 12 years ago, or way before that! Now we're left wondering if she had stopped aging since then because she still looks practically the same in 2020!

Want to see more barefaced SHK? Keep scrolling for more pics we found on her Instagram feed!

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