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Tattoos You Can Actually Hear Are Now A Reality

You read that right.
PHOTO: YouTube/Skin Motion

We're just going to come out and say it: This new tattoo trend doesn't have a dreamy watercolor effect, nor is it dainty and subtle, and it won't be linked to your smartphone. Instead, it's going to change the way you HEAR and look at them.  

Yup, soundwave tattoos—as in ink you can hearhas upped the stakes when it comes to body art, and it's all thanks to an app called Skin Motion. Refinery29 reports that customers will be able to upload an audio clip to the app, purchase the resulting design, and have a Skin Motion-certified tattoo artist bring it to life on your skin. Once you've got your audible tattoo, you'll be able to play it back and forth using the app, as long as it's a minute or under.

If you're concerned there won't be any certified tattoo artists here in the Philippines, don't worry! According to Skin Motion's website, they're going to be partnering with tattoo artists all over the world to help bring your dream audible ink to life.

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Plus, the app doesn't launch until next month, so you have a ton of time to figure out what sounds you want to have on your body FOREVER! ;)

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