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There Are Spa Services For Your Vagina, FYI

If you can pamper your face, hair, and body, then who's to say you can't get spa services for your womanly parts down south?

1. Vagina Steam Baths

V steam is an age-old remedy that detoxifies your vagina by cleansing it with herbal steam. You take off your clothes waist down, squat without underwear over a steaming pot of water infused with therapeutic herbs like mugwort and wormwood for 30-45 minutes. In Korea it’s called chai-yok, while traditional healers from around the world have been giving vaginal steam baths to women for ages.

In Hollywood, there are spas that offer luxurious versions for $20-75 (P900-P3,500) per service, and instead of squatting, there’s a special chair where you can sit comfortably and read a book while the V steam does its job. Those who swear by it claim that it reduces menstrual cramps and bloating, regularizes menstrual cycle, and improves fertility, among many other benefits.

There are V steam kits you can purchase online, while those looking to go DIY can find many “recipes” in health blogs. A word of caution: Not all obstetricians agree with this procedure. There’s a risk of scalding your V or increasing risk of yeast infection. It’s best to consult your OB-GYNE before trying it out.

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2. Vajazzling

A combination of the words vagina and bedazzle, vajazzling is form of genital decoration where glittery or colorful ornaments are temporarily applied to the shaved or waxed pubic area of a woman. This trend started circa 2010, thanks to Hollywood celebs such as Jennifer Love Hewitt who couldn’t stop gushing about their jeweled lady parts. In the Philippines, you can get vajazzled with Swarovski crystals at Bare Skin Waxing Studio. You may also buy vajazzling kits online.

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3. Brazilian Facial

Botched bikini wax job? A Brazilian facial can help get rid of those pesky ingrown hairs and other irritations post-bikini or Brazilian wax. According to our friends who have tried this procedure, a machine similar to a facial microdermabrasion sucks out the dirt and other imperfections from the skin on your intimate area. It’s usually paired with a Brazilian wax, and the whole process lasts about 30-40 minutes, waxing included. It helps prevent ingrown hairs and other waxing irritations. In Manila, you can get this service at Strip: Ministry of Waxing

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