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Where *Exactly* You Should Be Spraying Your Perfume

PHOTO: Christian Parente

Your mother probably taught you to spray perfume right behind your ears, your neck, your wrists, or the insides of your elbows. But some experts say that you should actually also be adding a few scented drops on your belly button!

Senior perfumer Steven Claisse advises you not to neglect this area because “it radiates heat right from the center of the body.” Doing so will enhance the scent of your perfume.

So you can go ahead and spritz the back of your knees, the inside of your calves, and your ankles with perfume as well—the friction from when you’re walking creates warmth, and makes the scent last the entire day.

He even suggests spraying your hair with perfume because “the strands hold the scent well and leave a trail of scent as you move around.” Careful though—this might cause your hair to dry out.

You can also try dabbing instead of spraying to make it less likely for the scent to dry out, and more likely to be oily, which will make the smell last longer.


Something to experiment with on your next date? ;)

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