This Is Us Reminding You *Not* To Pop Your Pimples—Ever

Hands off your face, please!

We've all been there before: Waking up with a nasty pimple and an overwhelming urge to just *pop* it to fix the problem ASAP. But before you go squeezing, know that you may be causing more harm than good to your skin. Dr. Winlove Mojica, a licensed dermatologist, uploaded a video talking about what exactly happens when you get a little too trigger-happy with your zits. Keep on scrolling to be schooled:

According to Dr. Winlove, one common misconception is that we assume that we get rid of the inflammation by squeezing the pus out. Unfortunately, the more you squeeze and pick at the pimple, the more inflamed it will get, which further increases the chances of scarring.

He also explained the process of how a zit pops underneath your skin. While the pimple grows bigger due to the hair follicle being filled with dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil, its wall becomes thinner. When you squeeze it, the gunk spills all over the dermis (aka the layer below your epidermis.) Your body sends inflammatory cells to the area since it's a ~foreign~ substance which further increases the chance of acne scarring.

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So remember: When you pick at a zit, you risk inflamation and scarring, which will be harder to get rid of. What you can do instead is to dab spot treatment on the affected area or stick a pimple patch on it to help it heal. Then, keep your hands off it until forever, k?

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Watch Dr. Winlove's full video here:

Pimple Popping and Its Effects on Your Skin | The Skin Sensei

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