This 3D Nail Art Takes Floral Manis To The Next Level

This gives a whole new meaning to the term 'green thumb.'
PHOTO: Instagram/arozona

You’re no doubt familiar with succulents, those potted plants every self-respecting millennial has on her office desk or window sill. You know, those miniature décor you carefully arrange on the ground to create the perfect #shoefie, or combine with Christmas lights to make one #bedroomgoals post.

Well, Teen Vogue just alerted us to this brilliant way of utilizing them beyond their original purpose—by adding them to your nails. Roz Borg is an Australian designer who fashions wall hangings, hair wreaths, and jewelry out of vegetation.

And one of her more recent projects is—you guessed it—succulent manicures. We can imagine these are heavier and more high-maintenance than the nail embellishments we’re familiar with. Are you supposed to prune them as they grow?

One thing’s for sure, though. They’re super pretty! 

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