20 Super Tiny Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

Less is more.
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Getting your first tattoo can be scary: There is the fear of (extreme) pain and the pressure to find the perfect design. Plus, a tatt is permanent, and may need extra TLC when it's new.

Here's an easy solution: Try super tiny tattoos! These are small, so they shorten the needle-poking sesh. You can never go wrong with delicate ink, too—they're automatically cute! Choose from 20 designs below:

  1. How about a "hidden" smiley face on your finger?

  2. Ear tattoo + multiple piercings = Cool AF

  3. This star tattoo is simple yet pretty.

  4. You need to be up close to spot the cherries!

  5. A semi-colon tattoo symbolizes your support for mental health issues—that you chose to keep on going despite everything.

    Read more about it here.

  6. Here's one cheeky tatt. ;)

  7. Keep on sparkling!

  8. This may remind you that you're still alive—you have a lot of good things waiting ahead of you.

  9. Show your love for your pupper.

  10. Here's a low-key way to display your faith.

  11. A blue heart looks as cute as a red heart!

  12. Let everybody know your stance on equality.

  13. A smiley face can brighten your day.

  14. Try a cloverleaf tattoo for extra luck!

  15. Isn't this a cute accent to go with your manicure?

  16. That, my friends, is a heart tattoo!

  17. Have your favorite fruit tattoed on your body! 

  18. Here is flower tattoo to go with your earring.

  19. OMG! This tiny rainbow is adorable.

  20. Try a lightning bolt to match your electrifying personality.

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