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This Superfood Will Be Your Next Skincare Must-Have For A Radiant Complexion

You'll be surprised about what it can do for your skin!

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We all know ginger as a flavoring agent and natural remedy for ailments (who else’s lola recommends salabat as a cure-all?). But as a skincare ingredient? Not as much, which is surprising because several studies have already shown its benefits for the skin, like how it’s able to help preserve its natural radiance. And it’s easy to integrate into your routine, too!

Ginger, known as Zingiber officinale, is an herb related to turmeric and cardamom. Its root (or rhizome) is what we usually use in our meals. But from it also comes oils and antioxidant-rich extracts that can be used in skincare. When used for the skin, it can help protect the lipid barrier and prevent ~peroxidation~ (a process that could cause acne!).

Ginger root extract is usually used for its warming effect that helps soothe and relax the skin—so you'll see it in a ton of bath, body, and foot care products. After all, it does have protective and radiance-boosting properties that can help revive stressed, tired skin. It's also no wonder that because of ginger's beneficial effects, it's become an important ingredient in a lot of skincare brands' popular products.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the things this superfood can actually do for your skin:

1. It helps keep skin firm. 

Hand-in-hand with its ability to inhibit skin-damaging ~particles,~ ginger also helps curb inflammation, making your skin look firm and elastic, especially when you use this superfood topically! That's because it has energizing properties that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and even help reduce the effects of UVB damage (bye, fine lines!).

Try a ginger ice cube facial to help soothe and tighten your skin. To do this, brew green tea with a few slices of ginger in it. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then pour the tea into an ice cube tray. Once they're frozen, take one and slide it across your face. Your skin will feel more firm in no time!

2. It can help restore your skin.

Because of ginger's antiseptic and antioxidant properties, it can not only fight bacteria and free radicals that cause acne, but also promote skin renewal to help prevent and heal acne scars. It also helps improve blood circulation, helping to restore the skin and to reduce blemishes.

Get the most out of its promotion of improved blood flow by creating a ginger scrub for your face and body. Just mix olive oil, sugar, and grated ginger together and scrub the concoction on your skin. Trust us, your skin will feel revitalized instantly!

3. It neutralizes pigmentation.

Whether it’s dark spots or white scars, ginger is effective in helping fade these for a glowing complexion. The antioxidants found in ginger have a toning effect, so with regular use, you can get the even complexion of your dreams. Simply apply a slice of fresh ginger on the dark spots and scars to help reduce their appearance.

The next time you spot ginger lying around your kitchen, don’t just pass by it like you normally would! Experiment with it in your DIY skincare treatments or look for products that list it as a key ingredient. Who knows? Using ginger on your skin could give you the glow you've always wanted!

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