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Why Do People Want To Get Tattoos During The Pandemic?

There's actually a *logical* explanation behind this.
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In case the days have started blending seamlessly together for you since the quarantine began, here is your reminder that we have now reached 300+ days in lockdown. After many quarantreats, newfound hobbies, and spontaneous hair decisions, it seems like everyone is finally ready to move on to a ~riskier~ coping mechanism: Tattoos.

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Some tattoo parlors are actually open right now despite the quarantine, and we have noticed that business is still booming as they go through stringent health protocols to ensure the safety of both tattoo artists and customers. The surge in the number of posts in the #tattoo hashtag on Instagram is also a testament to this phenomenon. In fact,'s Associate Art Director actually got inked recently and told us all about her experience here!

Why are people getting tattoos during the pandemic?

And in case you were wondering, this nagging itch to get tattooed isn't just your boredom speaking. According to D.C.-based psychologist Dr. Vinita Mehta, "I think we would expect some kind of spike in tattooing just because so many people are going through something stressful right now." It can also be seen as a way of "reclaiming" power in a situation where we feel helpless with everything that is going on in the world right now.

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Tattoos as a way to express yourself

Tattoo artist Elva Stefanie confirms this, stating that the need to express ourselves in the face of chaos has long been ingrained in our human nature. She shared that during primitive times, cavemen would paint images of seeds if they didn't have food, or they would draw images of fertile women when their female companions were having trouble with labor.

Tattoos as a catalyst

It's also worth noting that it's not the pandemic itself that makes us want to suddenly get body art. It's our experiences *within* the pandemic that pushes us to immortalize this moment. A lot of people have had lightbulb moments wherein they realize something about themselves, their friends and families, or their careers. "If anything, the pandemic can be more of a catalyst. Since tattoos are oftentimes linked to self-expression and deeper meaning, [they] can be more about a person's resilience in that process or something they endured," Dr. Mehta says.

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So, go ahead and save as many tattoo inspo pictures as you want and get that ink. You *definitely* deserve it. (Editor's note: Before getting a tattoo, make sure the studio complies with the safety protocols as stated in the IATF Guidelines.)

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