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20 Taurus Tattoo Ideas And Designs You Will Absolutely Love

Not one of these is tacky—promise.
PHOTO: Instagram/jakenowicz

I know, I know—you can't sum up a Taurus in one or two sentences, but I'm going to try to anyways. You love the little things in life (think: candlelit dinners, silk sheets, and massages), you know what you want and you'll stick to it (some might call it stubborn, I say you're just standing your ground), and you're very, very loyal. Oh, and you're absolutely obsessed with your zodiac sign, so of course, you'd be on the market for a Taurus-inspired tattoo. But what to get?? Don't worry—I found the 20 best Taurus tattoos on Instagram, so you can have some inspo for when tattoo shops open again.

  1. This Floral Taurus Tattoo

    Wait, but how cute is this floral interpretation of the Taurus symbol? This tattoo also shows off both sides of your personality—you're sweet, but definitely not one to mess with.

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  2. This Sensual Taurus Tattoo

    Tauruses are known for being sensual and artistic—what better way to show that off than with this abstract tattoo?

  3. This Wine Glass Taurus Tattoo

    A Taurus not enjoying wine is kind of like a Leo who hates mirror selfies—unimaginable. Not all tattoos have to be super deep and meaningful—a wine glass is such a fun, light-hearted choice for a tattoo.

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  4. This Geometric Taurus Tattoo

    If your style leans toward the abstract, you’ll love this geometric Taurus tattoo. The fine lines and shapes add another layer of depth to the tat.

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  5. This Rose Taurus Tattoo

    A rose is one of Taurus' flowers—each sign has a few—making this small, detailed floral tattoo an extremely gorgeous option for a tattoo.

  6. This Cursive Taurus Tattoo

    While Tauruses are known for the fact that they literally never give up, it doesn't hurt to have a little reminder in the form of a really pretty cursive tattoo. 

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  7. This Shaded Taurus Tattoo

    Taurus, you enjoy the finer things in life, including art. So it makes total sense that you'd get a work of art tattooed on your body. The shading adds so much dimension to the tattoo, taking it to the next level.

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  8. This Globe Taurus Tattoo

    Taurus is an Earth sign, so this fine-line globe is another dope tattoo option.

  9. This Ballerina Taurus Tattoo

    This abstract ballerina tattoo shows off your strong appreciation of dance (Tauruses are huuuge fans of the arts).

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  10. This Flame Taurus Tattoo

    Some say Tauruses are hot-headed, I say you guys are very, very passionate. Either way, this flame tattoo will get that point across.

  11. This Detailed Taurus Tattoo

    If you're in the market for a bull tattoo, may I suggest this extremely detailed one? It's delicate, yet still powerful (just like you, Taurus).

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  12. This Family Taurus Tattoo

    Family is ev-ery-thing to a Taurus, and this tattoo definitely reflects the fact that it's a top priority for you. 

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  13. This Abstract Rose Taurus Tattoo

    If you don't want just any regular rose tattoo, you might want to go for this abstract one. It's so stunning.

  14. This Venus-Inspired Taurus Tattoo

    Honestly, this tattoo is made for you, Taurus—it's an art-inspired piece of the Greek goddess Venus (whose planet rules Taurus!). So beautiful, right?

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  15. This Watercolor Taurus Tattoo

    This watercolor Taurus tattoo is insanely gorgeous and totally worth having on your body forever.

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  16. This Taurus Constellation Tattoo

    This delicate Taurus tattoo is proof that you don't have to go overboard with your tattoo—sometimes, simple just works.

  17. This Cursive Taurus Tattoo

    Write out your sign’s most recognizable personality trait—remember, you're not hot-headed, just passionate—in cursive, like in this Taurus tattoo.

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  18. This Elbow Taurus Tattoo

    Here's a super-cool tat idea: get your sun sign, rising sign, and Moon sign all in a row. Or you could let your Taurus symbol take center stage and just get a small symbol tatted on your elbow. Either way, it looks really dope.

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  19. This Self-Love Taurus Tattoo

    Tauruses are known for being fiercely independent—this self-love heart tattoo is a perfect choice to show that off.

  20. This Wrist Taurus Tattoo

    A simple, minimalist Taurus tattoo is perfect for your wrist. Like, isn’t this bb tattoo so cute?

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