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The 5 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Underarms

And what you should be doing instead.
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In a tropical country where the beaches call out to us and the weather is humid (so we show more skin), there’s pressure to look flawless from head to toe. If there’s one skin issue most Pinays concern themselves with non-stop, it's dark underarms. But in our quest to achieve smooth and fair pits, we sometimes end up causing more harm than good by doing the following:

5. Shaving and plucking

To have hair-free pits is to live a carefree life, but constant plucking, shaving, or waxing—especially if not done properly—can easily be the culprit for your darkening underarms. Quit shaving with a razor and tweezing ingrown hairs out and get your pits waxed by a professional instead. It may be more costly and not as convenient, but it’s worth it in the long run. 

4. Over-scrubbing

Some women end up scrubbing the underarm area too much in an attempt to exfoliate and whiten it. This is a mistake because the thin skin under your arm is sensitive, and abrasion is one of the main causes of darkening. It’s okay to scrub off dead skin, grime, and odor-causing bacteria—just do so with the utmost care.

3. DIY whitening

Bleaching creams, whitening soap, calamansi, and lemon—if you’ve tried them all without properly consulting your derma, chances are you didn't do your underarms any favors. If you have sensitive skin, the effects can range from irritation to minor burns.

2. Using tawas

Some Filipinos use tawas to mask body odor, but the rough alum crystals—no matter how tiny they are—can damage the skin under your arms, leading to skin irritation and dark pits.

1. Not wearing deodorant every day

The worst thing you can do to your underarms is to not wear deo every day. Are you skipping the deo because you think it darkens your underarms—never mind that it helps you stay dry and fresh? You couldn’t be more wrong. The new Rexona Powder Dry + Whitening not only keeps you dry and feeling fresh; it can give you brighter underarms too! Yup, you can finally achieve your #KilikiliGoals.

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