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The Cosmo Girl’s Guide To Summer-Ready Skin

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In this scorching weather, your beauty regimen has to step up big time. Changing your routine allows your skin to breathe better through the layers of products you wear everyday.

So whether you’re bound for the beach or just staying at home, here are the beauty must-haves you need to help you deal with this heat:

1. Face Mist

Seriously, you guys, face mists are ~*amazing*~ in this heat. It provides instant cooling and hydrates your skin with just a few spritzes. Invisible face mists are also great for adding a layer of UV protection to your face while keeping your makeup intact. 

 TRY: Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist with SPF 50 

2. Lip Balm

Your puckers are bound to get chapped from dehydration. Keep them moisturized by drinking lots of water and swiping your handy lip balm regularly.

3. Moisturizing Body Bar and Hydrating Facial Wash

Opt for gentle body soaps and facial washes during the summer, so you don't increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun.

TRY: Belo Essentials Moisturizing Whitening Body Bar with Nourishing Skin Vitamins; Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin 

4. Aloe Gel or Coconut Oil

Arm yourself with some soothing aloe gel or a bottle of coconut oil to heal your sunburn. Aloe and coconut are both known for their anti-inflammatory and burn-healing properties, so make sure you have them in your beach bag. 

5. Tinted Sunscreen

Skip the hassle of layering your sunscreen on your thick foundation by opting for an easy and lightweight makeup base that’s packed with SPF.  

TRY: Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 50

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