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There Is An Instagram Account Dedicated To The Best Pinay Armpits

The kilikili obsession is real.

While scrolling through our Facebook feed, we found this post:

And since we are responsible journalists, we stalked Instagram user pinay_kilikili and found that it is an ACTUAL account dedicated to featuring the best Pinay armpits. From what we could gather, they get #kilikili photos from women—with their permission—and post them online.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach obviously made it to this account after she won the crown.

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We Pinays are genuinely obsessed with white, smooth, hair-free pits. There are so many products and procedures readily available in the market to achieve just this. Thing is, though, it’s not just the ladies who are into it—men are just as obsessed.  

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Maschalagnia, or armpit fetishism, refers to being sexually attracted to underarms. In some cases, the person could be into sniffing, licking, kissing, and even having intercourse with the armpit. The logical explanation is that the armpits secrete pheromones, a chemical that can trigger attraction and arousal between the same species.

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The fetish isn’t uncommon. A quick search on Google will actually lead you to hundreds of websites dedicated to it. Yup, people are totally into it. There are also hashtags on Instagram dedicated to #armpit_kilikili, #kilikili, and—yes—#kilikilipower.

We want to know: are you, or is your man into armpits? Yes? No? Why? Share your thoughts by commenting below!