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There's Such A Thing As A 'Pore Vacuum' For Getting Rid Of Blackheads

The Instant Vacu Pore is about 8.5 inches long and works better and more smoothly when the skin is first softened.
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So much gunk can be trapped under your skin—you can’t even imagine how much. And just because your skin doesn’t show any visible signs of bumps or discoloration from all that gunk, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any blemishes waiting to happen.

Like pimples, blackheads form anywhere on your skin because of clogged pores. While they're also raised and bumpy like pimples, skin doesn’t form over blackheads, and that's why they oxidize and turn dark or black. Blackheads don’t cause pain like pimples do, they still get in the way of clear skin. 

If you’ve used pore strips or face peels only to find that you didn’t get all the blackheads out, try a pore vacuum like the Instant Vacu Pore. Just like a regular vacuum cleaner, the pore vacuum sucks up all the nasty gunk (read: oil, dirt, dead skin, leftover makeup, bacteria, etc.) under your skin to keep you looking fresh and clean. As it removes blackheads, it helps reduce breakouts, too. Here's how it works:


How to use the Instant Vacu Pore:

1. Choose from four suction heads.

The pore vacuum comes with four suction heads: a small round one for your cheeks, forehead, and nose bridge; a large round one for the tip of your nose; an oval one for the wings of your nose, your temples, and the corners of your mouth; and a microcrystalline head, which has microscopic crystals, for removing dead skin via microdermabrasion technology.

When you’ve chosen a suction head, clean it with alcohol then attach it to the device.

2. Open up your pores.

Place a warm, damp towel on your face to help loosen up your pores. After 10 minutes, dry your face.

3. Test the suction intensity.

Gauge the intensity you want by placing the pore vacuum on your hand. Start with the lowest suction level then make your way up.

4. Do a sweeping motion of the suction head on your face.

Start on your nose. Sweep the vacuum from the bridge to the tip, or from the wings to the tip. After the vacuum collects blackheads, dead skin, and other gunk from your nose, work your way outward to the edge of your cheeks. Don’t let the suction linger in one spot for too long to avoid getting a red mark that looks like an insect bite or hickey—two to three seconds is enough. The whole process should only take about two minutes.

5. Cleanse your face.

After using the Insta Vacu Pore, rinse your face with a gentle facial cleanser. Feel free to use a hydrating face mask afterward to keep your face moisturized. BTW, your skin will turn red after using the pore vacuum, but the redness should fade in a few hours.

Instant Vacu Pore is a rechargeable skincare device that helps clean pores, remove oil, tighten skin, and exfoliate dead skin away. To learn more about the Instant Vacu Pore and purchase the product, visit the Instant website and follow the Instant Facebook page.

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