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These Grooming Habits Are Making Your Underarms Darker

GIIIRL, there’s a reason it’s called a “disposable razor.”
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Your tank tops and sleeveless dresses have been in storage for WAY too long. Have you been covering up because of dark underarms? Your trusted grooming ritual may be to blame. Change it up! Restore your underarm confidence and get lighter underarms by avoiding these ‘pit'-falls.

1. Not Regularly Changing Your Razor

The Effects: Your underarm skin is very sensitive, and a dull blade repeatedly rubbing against it will cause skin irritation, breakage, and possible infection. Also, old razors are a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty germs—and you don’t want any of them multiplying in a dark, mostly moist, bacteria growth-conducive area: like, say, your armpits.

The Fix: Change your razor blade every five shaves or once every month, whichever comes first. This way, you keep the blade sharp (meaning you don’t have to press hard against your skin for a close shave) and germ-free. Afterwards, use a light, whitening deodorant with moisturizer to relieve irritation caused by shaving.

2. D.I.Y. Underarm Whitening Home Remedies

The Effects: The simple truth is that home remedies don’t always work as prescribed. You even run the risk of darkening your armpits with further irritation if you are over-zealous with the treatment.

The Fix: Give the tawas and papaya remedies a rest. Instead, do your research and adopt a scientific approach. For starters, you can look for deodorant that uses Omega-6 in its formula, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that stimulates the production of new skin cells. Regenerated skin, as you will find out, is lighter, whiter, and blemish-free.

3. Not Washing Before Plucking

The Effects: If you pluck without washing, you open underarms to the possibility of infection from dirt entering the exposed pores. And have you tried plucking without washing? It’s a challenge!

The Fix: Before plucking, make sure that you wash your armpits well, stripping them of any germs that may have been accumulated throughout the day. This is also your opportunity to remove any product residue, which may also cause irritation to open pores. Finish up with a lightening deodorant and your pits will thank you profusely.

Wear sleeveless outfits with confidence! Dove Ultimate White Deodorant with Omega-6 lightens stubborn dark underarm spots. Awarded “Best Deodorant” in the 2015 Cosmo Beauty Awards, Dove Ultimate White gives you more than just 48-hour protection; it leaves you with lighter, smoother underarms, letting you be fearless with your outfit choices!

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