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These Tattoos Only Last For Two Weeks!

Perfect for you if you haven't figured out if you want to be inked #4lyf.

Ever dreamt of getting inked but you’re scared your mom might kill you? We may have found the solution, and we’re not just talking about those temporary ones that wash off a few days after application.

Brothers Tyler and Braden Handley pioneered Inkbox, which, according to their Kickstarter page, uses “a fruit-based tattoo that lasts two weeks, and only takes 10 minutes to apply. It looks and feels just like a real tattoo, without the commitment.”

Here’s how it works:

The tattoos look and feel like permanent ones, but don’t come off until 12 to 14 days after application. And because the ink used is organic and derived from fruits, you’re sure that it won’t harm your skin. Pretty cool, huh?

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So if you still long to get that dainty tattoo on your pinky, here’s your chance to try and see if you really want it. Find out more about Inkbox on their official website and Kickstarter page.

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