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10 ~*Beautiful*~ Thigh Tattoo Ideas For Every Personality

Maybe it’s finally time to get that ink you’ve been eyeing.
Thigh tattoo designs
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We see you. Don’t be shy, we know you’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to all the possible tattoo designs you’ve been dying to get. So why are you hesitating?

With the vast number of options out there, it can be daunting to pick just one design plus where to place it. Hear us out though, how about a thigh tattoo? But we’re not talking about massive and intricate tatts that cover a lot of areas (although if you’re into that, go ahead!) but something a lot more classy, simple, and effortlessly timeless.

The beauty about a thigh tattoo is the fact that you’ve got a lot of skin to cover—meaning you’ve got so much space for multiple designs or a lot of options where you can place your first tatt! Also, your thighs are covered up most of the time, unless you live and breathe in shorts, so they’re easy to hide if you don’t want to show them off.

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To narrow down your search, we’ve rounded up some cool and classy designs that will make even the most indecisive Libra finally get inked. Go on and scroll to discover our recos!

10 Aesthetic and Classy Thigh Tattoos You Want to Get Right Now

  1. A Lotus Flower

    Lotus tattoos are popular because of their multiple meanings that can symbolize a lot of things to different people. ICYDK, Nadine Lustre has one on her arm! For those who are quite spiritual, a Lotus tatt can show one’s celestial enlightenment. For the less profound, this tattoo can symbolize personal renewal or change. It’s best to get this if you’re opening a new chapter in your life or have come to rise above a challenge!

    The beauty of getting this done on your thigh is that you can go big in terms of size while keeping it well hidden from most people. But it’s definitely worth flaunting when you sport your bikini at the beach!

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    Thigh tattoo design: Lotus Flower
  2. Simple leaves

    Are you a nature gal? Well, why not get a tatt that shows off your love for all things natural? We suggest a design that’s simple yet still eye-catching, like leaves that creep around your thigh. This is perfect to flaunt if you wear shorts on the daily since it’ll definitely complement your denim cutoffs!

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    Thigh tattoo design: Leaves

  3. A Render of Your Favorite Animal

    A tattoo doesn’t always have to mean something more than being cute! Case in point, animal tattoos could represent your pets or your fascination for your favorite mammal or water creature. A seahorse for example can mean fragility and beauty, but we won’t deny that it’s just actually super adorable as a tattoo!

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    Thigh tattoo design: seahorse
  4. A Tiny Heart

    Call it cliché but heart tattoos just look so good anywhere you put them! This is also great to get as a friendship tattoo so you can match with your entire barkada! If you want something super discreet, be sure to place it high up your thigh!

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    Thigh tattoo design: tiny heart
  5. Meaningful Symbols

    If you want your ink to symbolize more than one thing, then you don’t need to settle for just one artwork. You can line up a slew of symbols or glyphs that mean something to you to tell more of a story!

    Thigh tattoo design: meaningful symbols
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  6. A Smiley

    Want a constant reminder to stay happy? Opt for a cute and minimalist smiley tatt that looks good anywhere you place it. And if you want artwork that looks more personal and unique, make sure your smiley looks hand-drawn and not perfectly round or symmetrical!

    Thigh tattoo design: smiley face
  7. A Mythical Creature

    Looking for a statement ink? Why not get your favorite mythical creature tattooed on your skin? This is definitely for those wanting a tatt that covers a bigger area on your thigh! But to keep the design looking feminine and delicate, be sure to keep the render simple and neat—no harsh shadows and thick lines. Just think of a fluid artwork to keep things classy.

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    Thigh tattoo design: mythical creature
  8. A Watercolor Scenery

    Watercolor tattoos are undeniably pretty! A soft wash of color on the skin can definitely liven up your complexion! If you’re stumped on ideas, we suggest a simple scenery with a beautiful skyline. This is great if you want to cover up colored scars or other marks on your skin you want to keep hidden.

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    Thigh tattoo design: watercolor scenery

  9. A Meaningful Artwork

    Some people get tattoos not just for aesthetic purposes, and if you’re one of them you should consider a personalized artwork. Choose a simple design or line art that can symbolize your life motto and mantra. This is definitely a tatt you’ll keep close to your heart even after years of getting it done.

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    Thigh tattoo design: meaningful artwork
  10. A Delicate Script

    Script tattoos are a no-brainer if you want something that looks delicate on your skin. Just be sure to pick a font that flows smoothly from word to word and never say yes to bold lines! Since you have a lot of room to play, go and choose a sentence or phrase that’s more than three words so your tatt runs down the side of your thigh beautifully!

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    Thigh tattoo design: delicate script

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