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This Is How Kylie Jenner Puts On Her Moisturizer


In her latest video on her website, Kylie Jenner gave her assistant Victoria a makeover. Totes normal, right?

At around the 00:20 mark of this short clip however, Kylie begins to explain that makeup always begins with moisturizer and started rubbing what looked like a giant soft-bristled hairbrush on her assistant’s face saying, “Tell me this doesn’t feel amazing.”

The brush Kylie used to spread the moisturizer is reportedly an Artis Oval brush, technically made for powder makeup.

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While the 18-year-old’s beauty technique may seem odd to some, it’s actually really good for the skin! The massaging motion promotes circulation and leads to better, glowing skin. If you’re worried about the bacteria build-up on the bristles of the brush, the $72 handmade brush is reportedly anti-microbial. Good stuff, huh?

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Don’t know about you guys, but we’re pretty interested to try out this technique. Now, where to find $72?

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