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This Is How To Smell Good The Whole Day

It matters where you spritz your perfume.

Okay, so you finally found your signature scent. At first spritz, you smell like a bouquet of flowers, but it doesn't last you the whole day.

So what have you been doing wrong? Honey, where you spritz perfume—not how often—matters. Here are a couple of places you should be spraying on.

1. Thighs.

Yup, actress Halle Berry admits she spritzes perfume down there. Her explanation? Heat intensifies the smell of your perfume. So when it gets really, really hot, the scent just rises up and you smell good all over.

2. Behind your ears.
It doesn't take a lot to figure this one out. But what if the stars align that day, and you bump into your longtime crush while grabbing lunch at a nearby restaurant . He makes beso, gets a whiff of your perfume, and BOOM, FIREWORKS. 

3. Under the chin.

Your boyfriend plans to kiss you and gets super close. Before his lips touch yours, he smells your perfume and more FIREWORKS. You're welcome.

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4. Pulse points.

The back of your knees, your wrists, your neck—these are your body's pulse points. This just means that these are areas in your body that emit more heat, and more heat intensifies the smell of your perfume. Don't go crazy though! Pick a spot, and spray once.

Happy spritzing! 

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