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Time For A Glow Up! With Regular Use, Achieve Your Goal of Healthy-Looking and Blooming Skin With This Bath Soap

Beautiful skin should not come at the cost of your skin’s health

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When it comes to your skin, it’s important to doll up and don’t dull down—and you don’t have to sacrifice your skin’s health to do this.

With many health threats looming in our lives today, one cannot emphasize enough how important skin health is. It is the body’s first line of defense against microbes and other disease-causing germs. And if you didn’t know, the skin also helps regulate body temperature. Keeping your skin healthy is tantamount to keeping yourself from getting sick. There’s a reason why health experts have been reminding us to wash our hands and disinfect with soap regularly—especially as a means to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Many have also taken to the practice of taking a bath or a shower as a means of disinfecting the body, in the hopes of preventing COVID-19 transmission.

But this overemphasis on the germicidal aspect of bar soaps has led to some undesirable—but totally reversible—effects. Bar soaps are effective in cleaning and protecting the skin from germs. Unfortunately, depending on their ingredients, they can be a bit abrasive. These abrasive ingredients on the skin could lead to itchy, blotchy, and dried out skin. In turn, dryness can make your skin look dull, tired, uneven, taking out its natural shine and sheen.

And while you may think that dry skin is only a beauty issue, it isn’t. Dry skin is also a health issue, as dryness affects both the skin’s appearance and health. Even experts say that the skin can better protect you from germs if it is moist. Blooming, glowing skin is a sign of healthy skin. 

Of course, some remedy this by regularly applying moisturizer on the skin. Others use separate beauty soap apart from their usual germicidal body bath soaps to provide the skin with more protection to keep it moist and healthy. And aside from the beautifying aspect, many people also take long baths and showers as a means to pamper themselves as well, using moisturizing soaps and other beauty products as a means of self-care.

Not everyone can afford high-end beauty soaps, though—especially families who have children to think about as well. Because of this, many adults—particularly women—tend to neglect their skin self-care routine to prioritize their family’s safety. After all, conventional wisdom dictates that beauty soaps and antibacterial soaps should be separate.

But this isn’t necessarily true. Skincare need not be expensive and complicated, too.

Worry no more! Your days of dull showers are over as Bioderm Germicidal Soap offers a variant that offers a two-in-one #Protek2do protection in one soap: Bioderm Bloom!

Bioderm Bloom is a bath soap that provides germ protection (based on representative germs tested) that takes care of your skin’s health (with regular use). It contains active ingredients that helps protect you from germs (based on representative germs tested), but with a gentle formula that has a non-drying effect on your skin that, with regular use, aids your skin to become moisturized. Its fresh, floral fragrance, meanwhile, helps you smell and feel fresh! And even better: it's affordable, too. You can grab a bar (135g) of Bioderm Bloom for just P40.48 (SRP)!

The result: with regular use of Bioderm Bloom, you can achieve the healthy-looking and blooming skin you’ve always wanted! You won’t need to get that additional beauty soap to achieve that much-desired skin glow up!

And it is Marian Rivera-Dantes and Dingdong Dantes-approved too, as the faces of Bioderm Germicidal Soap. The celebrity couple trusts Bioderm Germicidal Soap for their skin self-care regimen for themselves and for their family—a testament to how important taking care of one’s skin is these days. Marian's favorite variant is Bioderm Bloom. It has become a beauty regimen regular for her! 

Beautiful skin should not come at the cost of your skin’s health. And with Biodern Bloom, health shouldn’t be the reason for you to neglect the beauty of your skin, either! Because basta Bioderm, #BioThereForYou! Bioderm Bloom is available at supermarkets and drugstores nationwide, as well as on Shopee, and Lazada.

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